Eclectic Homes Summer Tour–Little Changes and Some General Messiness

Hey, everyone! I’m excited to be participating in the Eclectic Summer Home Tour today, hosted by my friend Jess of Domicile 37. If you’re joining me from Jenna’s at Rain on a Tin Roof, welcome! I met Jenna briefly last summer at Haven where she was a speaker and she was super friendly and welcoming.

Eclectic Home Tour Summer 2016

I’m pinch-hitting for this tour today, so the regulars may recognize some of the photos from earlier reveals. I thought it would be fun to share a few pictures of what the rooms looked like yesterday without any prep work. (The word “fun” being interchangeable with “scary”.) And some are new pictures that I haven’t shared on the blog yet but was getting around to any day now.

First up is the foyer. I had a distressed mirror from Hobby Lobby that made me angry every time I looked at it, since my very short-lived distressed phase ended about 6 years ago. I slapped some black paint on it and instantly felt better.

Black painted mirror with ornate carvings

We have a double foyer, which is great because I have a vintage Chinese butcher table that I love a whole, whole lot and it needed a spot of its own.

Chinese butcher console table with ginger jar collection

This is my favorite example of the high/low mix that I love so much. The table and lamps are spendy (to me, at least) while the ginger jars are from HomeGoods or thrift stores and the benches are from Target. The mirror is old and thrifted, too, and about to get retired because I won a really cool giclée at an auction recently. The piece is “Palm Grove” by Mexican artist Pedro Diego Alvarado Rivera and it was love at first sight. I haven’t decided how to frame it yet because it’s big (which means framing will cost a fortune).

Palm Grove by Pedro Diego Alvarado Rivera

You may think palm trees don’t belong in a suburban Dallas home and you’d be correct. I’m too in love to care or think rationally at this point, so palm trees it is. I think it’s going to look smashing once it’s framed and hung.

The laundry room is just around the corner from the foyer and is by far the most popular room in the house (at least in the blogosphere–I still have to wash clothes in there, unfortunately).

Blue and white stenciled laundry room, featuring a built-in folding table and large mirror

Budget laundry room created with a stencil and a DIY folding table

Not much has changed, although I did switch out the rug a couple of weeks ago. (More on that in a minute.) This is what it usually looks like in here, which is to say it looks like a fully functioning laundry room, minus the palm fronds. (Reality’s harsh, y’all.)

laundry reality

This makes me want to run get some greenery right this second. No wonder I hate doing laundry–the palm fronds basically made the whole room.

Across from the laundry room is Paige’s room. Let’s enjoy the pretty pictures before we glimpse its current lowly state.

Gold canopy bed with Ikat drapery panels

Bright red painted dresser paired with a black and gold gallery wall

Vintage floral lamp and bright red dresser

DIY black and gold vase using a dollar store glass bowl and painter's tape

And this is what it usually looks like. Paige takes care of the cleaning and bed making on her own, although I think that’s fairly obvious.

paige's reality

I had to let her American Girl dolls move back in, and those hussies can’t seem to ever keep their canopy on straight or lay in the bed in an orderly, blog-worthy fashion. I’m not showing you the dresser drawers half open with pajamas spilling out, because my heart can’t take it.

Claire’s room is next door, and I have to give her lots of praise for keeping the room nearly identical to the way it looked on reveal day. This is because we take her phone away when her room isn’t clean.

Sherwin-Williams Naval walls with Chinoiserie drapes

Ornate white mirror with ginger jars and a navy and green striped lampshade

Preppy girl's bedroom with picture frame moulding

I had some pillows made with the leftover drapery fabric, but otherwise everything is the same, just a little bit messier.

Claire's reality 1

Claire's reality 2

The elephant was stolen from Paige’s closet and since Paige didn’t care, I guess this is its new home, which doesn’t stress me out in the least. The cold sweat I’m currently breaking out in has nothing to do with the elephant being in the wrong place.

Mercifully, the guest room is just as it was a few weeks ago. The greenery bit the dust, but I only keep flowers and greenery in the areas of the house that we (meaning me) use.

Gallery wall of Audubon prints with black linen headboard and wall sconces

White ceiling medallion with black ceiling paint

Vintage black dresser with modern wing back chair

This room sees so little traffic that vacuum marks remain for weeks at a time. The really nice part is this is the only room visible from the hallway and foyer and it always looks clean.

Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black ceiling with lucite drapery rod and Nate Berkus panel

The next stop is the kitchen. We’re skipping the master bedroom, living room, and dining room because I haven’t done anything to those rooms yet and I can only take so much reality on my blog. The last time I took proper photos of the kitchen was for the Holiday Tour, where my solution to Christmas decorating was buying several boxwood wreaths from Trader Joe’s.


I’ve since changed out the light fixtures, painted and reupholstered the stools, and bought a rug. I’ve also ordered cabinet hardware but haven’t installed it yet. These simple tasks have taken me 6 months. (Decorating at blazing fast speeds, as usual.)

white kitchen with wood island and gold lanterns

Gold lanterns in a white kitchen with vintage oriental rug

You can see where the drywall still hasn’t been patched, but rest assured there’s a small piece of drywall in the garage that will make its way into the ceiling shortly.

Right off the kitchen is the mudroom. I was informed on another website that it’s not really a mudroom because there’s no mud. If you prefer to call it a back foyer, feel free. This space is just full of controversy, mainly because I took the rugs out and pandemonium ensued. Here are the original reveal pictures.

Black doors with a white storage unit and layered rugs in a mudroom

Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black painted doors with layered rugs

And here’s what it looks like as of yesterday, dog hair on the floor and all.

mudroom today

The layered rugs drove me to distraction. Yes, they looked pretty, but I felt like I was scaling a small hill every time I walked through the room, which is a lot, because that’s how I get to the garage, pantry, and office. I waited for Michael, my voice of reason, to complain but he said not a word.

When my family came home and saw what I’d done, you’d think they walked in on me punching a pack of puppies in the face. To say they were upset is a colossal understatement. Michael claims he was never once irritated by the rugs and Claire said the room looked “sad and plain”. All I know is I can skip to the pantry without feeling like I’m going to trip. (Plus, cleaning layered rugs is a total pain in the rear.) I see their point–it needs some kind of rug.

The ladies’ lounge is our last stop on the tour. This is the first room I decorated after we moved in and it’s already getting a little adjustment so it flows better with the rest of the house. (Nothing major–a couple of kilim pillows, new artwork, and brass curtain hardware.) This room functions as an office, reading room, and an occasional tv room when we can’t agree what to watch. (Some poor, lost souls don’t appreciate Bravo reality shows as much as I do.)

White office with Lacefield Designs drapery panels

IKEA klimpen desk unit with upholstered swivel chairs in a white office

Lacefield Designs drapery panel with blue lamp with burlap shade

I love the new pillows and Shorty does, too, which is what really matters. You can see how I’m pulling a little bit of black and red in from the mudroom. The doors will be painted black, too, which will make a big difference because the room is short on contrast now that it’s painted white.

Kilim pillow with succulents

Next on the tour is Colleen at 58 Water Street. After poking around her blog, I’ve decided we may have been separated at birth based upon our very similar taste. You’re going to thoroughly enjoy her home, and be sure to check out all of the tours from earlier in the week.


Thanks so much for stopping by! We put the fun in dysfunctional and the pro in procrastination, and you’re more than welcome to join us.  I hope you have a great day!

42 thoughts on “Eclectic Homes Summer Tour–Little Changes and Some General Messiness

  1. I always enjoy seeing REAL houses and seeing that REAL people live there too! I understand why you did what you did with the rug, practicality and safety trumps design no matter what! I love your ladies’ lounge! I don’t think I’ve seen it before?!

    1. I still want a rug in there, but not two! Plus the natural fiber rug was breaking down on us and making a huge mess–a fine dust was always under the rug and not good for the hardwood floors. The lounge was the first room I put on the blog and I need to make a new reveal post once I finish my little changes. We spend all our time in that room because it’s so cozy and filled with sunlight.

  2. You crack me up Sharon! I giggled throughout the entire post. Every room looks amazing perfectly styled and perfectly real. I hope my future Texas home looks as beautiful as yours, palms and all! (PS. I found my canopy bed on too.)

    1. Thanks, Kathy! Overstock is one of my favorites. They have the best knock-offs there. You’d better hurry back to Texas soon–the prices here keep going up and up! I can’t believe what people are charging for homes now–a big change from 2004 when we bought our first Dallas home.

  3. You are correct in believing that “Palm Grove” will looks strange in a Dallas home. It would be much more appropriate in the foyer of a Whitemarsh Island home – just a suggestion.

  4. Wow, so much to love in this tour! I love all the color and pattern, but my favorite maybe that Chinese butcher table. So gorgeous!!! Thanks for all the great stuff to pin 🙂

    1. This was a great home tour all around–I loved seeing so many different styles. That table was love at first sight. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous home! Love the dark ceiling in your guest bedroom. And yeah, that palm print is amazing and needs to be displayed in all its glory.

    1. Thanks! I’m on the hunt for an affordable way to frame the palms. It’s killing me to have it rolled up in the guest room closet!

    1. Thanks, Steph! Michael and I built a parsons table for the patio today and I’m thinking I need more ginger jars in my life. It’s like an illness!! 😉

  6. I flipping LOVE your home! The bed in your daughter’s room is perfection!!! Where did you find THAT piece of awesomeness. I also enjoy the word hussy and plan to integrate it into my vocabulary. Thanks for that. 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! “Hussy” is a great word–I love antiquated insults. The bed is from Overstock and is a knock-off of the Pottery Barn Teen Maison canopy bed. I spray painted the black frame before assembly–it was a huge money saver.

    1. Thanks, Angela! The master bedroom is now the saddest room in the house, but isn’t that usually how it goes? So fun jumping in on this tour and seeing all the unique homes we all have!

  7. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous house and for keeping it real! I think I’d start washing one towel at a time just to spend more time in that laundry room. However, I was hoping for a picture of the “horse shower”…

    1. Well, hello! 🙂 “Horse shower” has to be my most favorite, shining-est blog moment so far. I still laugh about it to this day and can’t believe how nice you were in the face of such idiocy. I wish I’d had more fun decorating my last two laundry rooms–they were very utilitarian and I missed out on a golden opportunity to make laundry more enjoyable. Thank so much for stopping by!

  8. I love the way you approached this. Even on a typical day your house looks amazing! It’s so funny how your family reacted to the rug changes in the mudroom. I guess it’s good to know they care, lol? I also think that palm print you won is divine! Palms belong everywhere (I live in the midwest so I also need to believe this)!

    1. I honestly thought they wouldn’t even notice, much less say something. It caught me completely off-guard. The palm print is so fabulous, and palms do belong everywhere. But please stop me if I start adding coconuts and conch shells around the house. There are limits and I don’t want to cross them. 😉

  9. Your house is my dream house! Seriously, it’s stunning. My 1970’s ranch style home is just BLAH compared to your magazine worthy digs. So gorgeous- thanks for sharing. I also love all the humor sprinkled throughout your posts. xo, friend!

    1. I’m 100% certain no one would ever say your home is blah!!! Talk about magazine worthy! My real estate agent said she was disappointed that I didn’t buy an older home because she likes to see what I come up with. I’m too old and tired for that, haha! 🙂

  10. lovelovelove the print you won! can’t wait to see it framed. if you need some frond like greenery… i can spare a few split leaf philodendron leaves from my plant on the front porch. it’s huge! just holler…

    1. I’ll take you up on that the next time I have to take pictures of the laundry room. I need to update several posts with new photos so free greenery would be appreciated. Isn’t that print awesome?! The canvas is 50″x50″ with the print part being 45″. It will fill up the entire wall above the console.

  11. Okay, I’m new around here, and your home tour was pure eye candy! All the rooms you shared were fantastic, with or without rugs. 🙂 How about a flat kilim in the “mudroom” aka back foyer? Gotta love the feedback we get in blogland, right?! Love your home and writing style! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi, Carol! Yes, feedback is always interesting, especially outside of blogging sites. You read my mind about the flat kilim! It does need some color and pattern but the jute rug was over an inch thick, plus the fibers were constantly breaking down and making a mess. I can’t deal with that!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I love how the kitchen is looking and the hardware will be the icing on the cake. The white is matched by Sherwin-Williams to PPG Horseradish. It’s a creamy white and goes well with the warm colors and gold that I like to use. It was fun to see the finished rooms together in one post. I’ve gotten more done than I thought!

  12. Wow Sharon! Your house is a STUNNING! It is so nice to see all the rooms in one post. As I was looking at your images, I kind of got that sense that you may have some palm beach chic style without all the funky colors. I love that mirror in your entrance way and your whole set up. I will be sad to see that mirror leave maybe you can incorporate it in another area of the house. That console table in your foyer is my absolute favorite. You have such a great style and I am so happy that you shared your home with us. P.S. your laundry room gave me all the good feelings. I love how you mixed a bright vibrant blue with natural-toned down colors. Love it!

    1. Hey, Jess! I enjoyed pulling all the rooms together for the post, too. I think I’m moving slow and now I’m thinking that I got a ton finished in the time we’ve been in the house. I do like Palm Beach chic, but can’t do the colors in suburban Dallas. I have my limits on working out of context. 😉 My favorite look is British Colonial paired with modern art. Someday when I get my beach house!!!

    1. Hi, Ashley! The Target stools are so lovely in person–very substantial and heavy and I was pleasantly surprised when I picked them up. We really love the mudroom and I should have included a before pic–it was so sad when we started. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. See…this is why I love these tours! I see a ton of inspiration in every room you shared; your home is just gorgeous! It encourages me to play with more color and pattern. The mud room, the laundry room, all of the beautiful patterned curtains! I love it all!

    1. Hi, Colleen! Home tours are the best–I love them, too, and am going to a real life one next Saturday. I’d go every weekend if I could. I love color and pattern–my closet looks bananas to the outside observer but it rarely occurs to me to buy solid clothing. So glad to have found your blog through the home tour! 🙂

  14. Thanks for the laundry room inspiration – I seriously need it. Ours is my next plan of attack, and damned if I can’t motivate myself to expend any energy on it. It already sucks the life out of me… I can’t imagine making it pretty will change that. But yours is a beaut, and I just might give it another thought. Your entire home is simply lovely. I only wish mine could look so good in its current state of real life.

    1. Hi, Sarah! You’d be surprised how much more you’ll enjoy doing laundry when you make the room pretty. My suggestion is to go crazy with color and pattern that makes you happy, since no one really sees it. It’s like a little fun surprise every time I open the door before the sad reality of dirty clothes hits. Thanks for visiting me today!

    1. Thanks, Cassie! I’m addicted to this online auction site ( because the Dallas market is full of great estate sales and I can shop at home in my pajamas. I don’t know all of the areas it’s in, but you should take a look. This is the second time I’ve won something I’ve bid on, the first time being the nightstands that I painted in Claire’s (navy) bedroom. Those were being sold at the model home around the corner from me! Thanks for stopping by!

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