Hot Cocoa Tray and Reindeer Jingle Shirts with Cutting Edge Stencils

Hey, everyone! How’s your week going? This month’s blogging theme is collaboration, because I’m joining in another blog hop hosted by Stephanie of Casa Watkins! This time nineteen bloggers were challenged by the nice folks at Cutting Edge Stencils to create a craft using their line of holiday stencils. They provided all of the stencils in exchange for our posts (and ninja-like crafting skills). So basically it’s a craft-off, and I’ve got my X-acto knife hidden in my waistband, ready to rumble. #illcutablogger

I received not one but two stencils when I opened my package. Bonus! The first stencil I received was the mittens stencil.


I did what any aspiring crafter would do at this point–stagger around the Hobby Lobby waiting for divine inspiration to strike. I found it when I came to the wood stuff and saw this cute, unfinished tray for $4.00. (Plus, I really wanted to redeem myself after my epic tray fail this summer.)

DIY hot cocoa tray from Pretty Practical Home

I realized as sunbeams streamed down through the Hobby Lobby and onto the tray that I would make a hot cocoa bar, and the mitten tray would be the star. Then I got in line to check out.

I used leftover white paint from the laundry room folding table and leftover red paint from Paige’s dresser. I added two coats of white paint to the tray and cut the stencil so that it would fit inside the tray.

DIY hot cocoa tray from Pretty Practical Home

The last step towards crafting world-domination was to roll a dense foam roller in a paper plate of red paint, making sure the roller was almost dry before rolling it on the tray. If you use too much paint it will bleed under the stencil. (Ask me how I know that.) Here’s the finished result!

DIY hot cocoa tray from Pretty Practical Home

Because it turned out so pretty (and crafts are few and far between here at Pretty Practical Home), I took a couple of glamour shots for you.

DIY cocoa tray from Pretty Practical Home

DIY hot cocoa tray from Pretty Practical Home

If you’re still undecided about my status as Ultimate Crafter, let me show you what I did with the second stencil I received, the reindeer stencil.

Reindeer-Christmas-Lights-stencil-DIY-holiday-decorI thought this design would make really cute Christmas shirts. I haven’t painted a t-shirt since I was in eighth grade, but the process is still the same. Slide your shirt over a cardboard form and tape the stencil to the shirt.

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

I decided to go the traditional route and paint the reindeer brown. (Shocking, I know.)

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

Next I painted  the red and green lights, followed by black for the light strands. The stencils make painting a no-brainer, which I appreciate.

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

Here’s how it looked once I was done painting.

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

The last step was to sew on little jingle bells so I can hear my kids when they’re trying to raid the hot cocoa bar. Speaking of…

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

I had to bribe them with cocoa and cookies to get them to model their shirts for the blog. I was hoping Michael would want a reindeer jingle shirt of his own to model, but he politely declined. (Don’t worry, I’ll get him next time.)

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

Don’t they look sweet and festive? Would you like to see a behind the scenes shot showing the real deal? Here’s where my younger model went all Naomi Campbell on me. Picture time was clearly over at this point. (Oooh, and check out my new tea towel–cute, no?)

Reindeer Jingle Shirt from Pretty Practical Home

I’d like to thank Cutting Edge Stencils for sponsoring this post and for clearly having faith in my crafting abilities, even when I don’t. I appreciate how their products make me look like a crafting rock-star, when I’m really more of a crafting lounge singer.

DIY Hot Cocoa Tray and Reindeer Shirt created with Cutting Edge Stencils from Pretty Practical Home

If I managed to make stuff this cool with my stencils, you’re going to be blown away by what the other ladies in the group accomplished. And in even more mind-blowing news, Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away 5 stencil kits valued at up to $50 each! (The entry form is below.) That deserves a “woohoo”. Woohoo! (Fingers crossed that all 5 winners are regulars here. I wish I could rig this thing.)

1.  Shabby Grace Blog ~ Rustic Reindeer Crate

2.  Refashionably Late ~ Christmas Pillow

3.  Tastefully Frugal ~ Christmas Tree Ornament Shadow Box

4.  Pocketful of Posies ~ Reclaimed Holiday Wall Art

5.  Domicile 37 ~ Edgy Reindeer Tapestry

6.  Casa Watkins ~ Noel Stenciled Planter Basket

7.  Creatively Homespun ~ DIY Rusty Reindeer Wall Art

8.  Around the Watts House ~ Holiday Tote Bag

9.  Penny Love Projects ~ Window Wall Rack

10.  Flourish and Knot ~ Stenciled Table Runner

11.  Old House To New Home ~ DIY Chalkboard Merry and Bright Sign 

12.  Up To Date Interiors ~ Noel Basket

13.  Our House Now A Home ~ Rustic Reindeer Canvas Wall Art

14.  The House Down The Lane ~ Reindeer Wall Art with Lights

15.  Green with Decor ~ Christmas Craft with Stencil and Frame

16.  Pretty Practical Home ~ DIY Hot Cocoa Tray

17.  A Shade of Teal ~ DIY Christmas Tree Glitter Sign

18.  Uncookie Cutter ~ Hanging Ornament Boards

19.  One Mile Home Style ~ DIY Stenciled Scrap Wood Holiday Art

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34 thoughts on “Hot Cocoa Tray and Reindeer Jingle Shirts with Cutting Edge Stencils

  1. Sharon you are hilarious. Your tray at conference did not look bad in the photo. Both projects turned out great. I “plan” to reuse my stencil and make shirts for my girls…we will see how that goes since I have 100,000,000,000 other things to do. See, you are getting the hang of this!

    1. Well, you and my sister are the only ones who didn’t think the tray was a total mess, but I’ll take it! Your girls would love the shirts–it took me less than 10 minutes a shirt to paint them, which is why I was willing to make 2 instead of 1. I like doing these challenges because they force me to make something–it’s fun!

  2. Both projects turned out perfectly! I’m very craft-challenged and have so many failures under my belt, but I do adore looking at everyone else’s successes and trying to imagine them as being something I can do…but I know better!! So gorgeous….those girls are adorable and look so cute in their new shirts!! Hugs!

    1. Hi, Benita! “Craft-challenged”–umm, I love that! The stencils are perfect for craft-challenged people like you and I. Thanks for the kind words about my girls–they’re good sports about my blogging hobby. I appreciate you stopping by!

  3. Love the hot chocolate tray. Festive and fun. The shirts are adorable. Paige cracks me up with her before photo. Your humor rocks.

  4. OMG! You’re hilarious…a craft-off, ninja-like craft skills… So funny! And your projects are so. Much. Fun. Too. I adore the tray. So sweet. So simple. And your kiddos look so festive in the shirts. Awesome job, Sharon!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! The girls love the shirts, just not the picture part. I’ve learned with my crafts that simple is usually the best way to go. Plus the painting goes a whole lot faster when it’s all one color!

  5. You absolutely crack me up! Your honesty is refreshing but I’m afraid you’ve gone down the blogger path with the requisite hot chocolate station. If that is your only shortcoming, I forecast Blogger Brilliance!

    1. Glad I could make you laugh, Denise! First it was the fake presents, then the cocoa bar–which blogger cliche will I use next?! At least I haven’t posted pictures of my feet on Instagram (yet)–just haven’t found the right floor yet. 😉

  6. I seriously can NOT even handle you! Your first paragraph had me cracking up! Then the bells on the girl’s shirts to hear them raid the hot coca bar! LMAO!

    Okay, you have amazing crafting skills. You have such clean lines!!!! Great idea with tray and how the heck did you get TWO?! 🙂 #Lucky

    1. You don’t want to run into me in a dark corner of Hobby Lobby, Sara. 😉 The clean lines come from working with stencils for more hours than I ever thought I could handle in the laundry room. The roller needs to be almost dry for the best results and like with spray painting, do several coats to get the opaqueness you want. No idea why I got two stencils, but I was glad I did!

    1. Thanks, Iris! The tray adds just the right amount of festivity and color to the cocoa bar. Still think the husband needs one of those shirts! 😉

  7. Love the simplicity of the tray…stenciling is a wonderful way to add some quick spirit to anything. The shirts are adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your cute ideas, Sandi

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Sandi! The girls loved the shirts, just not the modeling part. 🙂 Simple crafts like stencils are about all I’m capable of!

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