My Home Style–Christmas Tree Edition

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. We watched Claire perform with her school choir on Friday night, followed up by Saturday’s home tour. (I’m so excited to share the pictures with you later this week!) Sunday was spent watching football and catching up on blogging, aka “The World’s Most Time Consuming Hobby.”

My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
More of this to come!

Today I’m thrilled to be joining in another “My Home Style” blog hop, hosted by Stephanie of Casa Watkins. A group of 25 bloggers will be sharing their Christmas tree style throughout the week. If you’re joining me from Up to Date Interiors, welcome!

The last time I joined this hop, we were supposed to come up with three words that describe our home style. My choices were classic, colorful, and curated. Then I got nervous because what if those words didn’t apply to my tree? Would I have to go back and redo the post, lest I get labeled a big, fat fraud? No worries–I think they apply to our tree perfectly.

My Home Style Blog Hop Tree Edition from Pretty Practical HomeLet’s first take a walk down memory lane and look at some Christmas trees past. (If you’re related to me, it’s perfectly acceptable to get a little weepy over how big the girls are now.) This tree is from 2010, the first Christmas we spent at our home in Albany, Georgia after leaving Dallas.

My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition from Pretty Practical HomeMy approach to tree decorating hasn’t changed since then. Pick out some ribbon for garland, hang our family ornaments, and put a star on top. Let’s go back even earlier to 2006. The tree was artificial, but I still used ribbon as garland and hung the family ornaments.

My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
My ovaries are a hurtin’ from looking at this.

Can I digress from the tree for a moment and discuss why I like classic style so much? Aren’t these velvet dresses with white blouses darling? So timeless, and they still look darling and stylish today. Classic is good–very good.

My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
I won’t tell if you virtually pinch her cheeks.

Now let’s go way back to 1999, the year Michael and I were married. The tree then was pretty much the same as it is now–we just had fewer ornaments as newlyweds. That’s Sprocket, our first dog. Let’s all be glad that my hair has improved exponentially since then. #whatthewhat

My Home Style Blog Hop Christmas Tree Edition from Pretty Practical HomeFast forward 16 years to present day, and I’m still putting ribbon on the tree and using our family ornaments. (I’m just doing it with better hair.)

Holiday Home Tour from Pretty Practical HomeWhen I was young, I’d beg my parents each and every year to let me decorate a theme tree for the family. I wanted something beautiful and perfect that my friends would admire when they came to our house. My parents always said no, then we’d put up the same mishmash of ornaments, and I’d pine away for department store trees that were beautiful, perfect, and devoid of sentiment.

Now I understand why my parents told me “no.” As an adult, I’ve had ample opportunity to create my much-desired theme tree. Yet year after year, I pull out the same mishmash of ornaments and let the kids hang them in a haphazard fashion. (OK, I have been known to go behind them and make one or two minor adjustments. Maybe more.)

My Home Style Blog Hop Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
You can’t buy this cuteness, right?
My Home Style Blog Hop Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
From my first trip to Hawaii to visit my younger sister in December 2008.
My Home Style Blog Hop Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
From a dear friend to mark our first Christmas as a family of 4.
My Home Style Blog Hop Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
If you’re from Atlanta, you know what this is. Everyone else, Google “Big Chicken Marietta.”
My Home Style Blog Hop Tree Edition from Pretty Practical Home
That’s peanut Baby Jesus in a toilet paper cradle, South Georgia preschool-style.

The tree and its ornaments mark the passage of time, and each year I look forward to pulling the ornaments out one by one and remembering how they came to be part of our tree, our story. That can’t be bought or fabricated, and I’ll keep our tree like this forever, save the occasional ribbon change. I guess with age comes wisdom (and extreme sentimentality). I still think our tree is beautiful, even without a theme.

Holiday Home Tour from Pretty Practical HomeNext stop on the Tree Hop is Jess of Domicile 37. She’s got an edgy, unique style that I know you’ll enjoy. Let’s meet back on Wednesday and I can show you more of the home tour photos, ok? Have a great day!






43 thoughts on “My Home Style–Christmas Tree Edition

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I’m ready to change up the living room but the leather is still like-new (at 10 years old). It’s cozy, but I’d like something more modern and bright. Maybe next year!

  1. That is such a great story behind your tree. I love how each ornament has meaning. Once my kiddos get older, I hope to have a tree dedicated to sentimental pieces as well. Beautiful!
    Much Love,
    Erica- Designing Vibes

    1. Thank you, Erica! You’ll have ornaments coming out your ears once your kiddos get older. 🙂 I had an entire box that didn’t make it one the tree–we need a second tree somewhere, but I can’t find the space!

  2. I love that your Christmas tree holds so many special memories for your family! There is definitely something great about pulling out those same ornaments year after year.

    1. Hi, Carrie! Maybe next year I’ll break tradition and put up a second tree that I can get more creative with. I see so many wonderful ideas but don’t think most (or any!) of our ornaments would look right. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Angela! I kept thinking I’d find a picture where my tree looked different so I could show some sort of evolution, but nope. I also enjoy eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch everyday. 😉

  3. So sweet Sharon. I love all the pieces and memories. I will always have a tree like this in our home. I love reminiscing each year …. your tree is beautiful! Also, your comment on the most time consuming hobby ever is so RIGHT! LOL

    1. Right?!! My husband’s always asking when blogging is going to start paying off and my canned response is, “Any day now.” And then I remind him the blog isn’t monetized so “any day now” isn’t remotely true. 😉 Thanks for your sweet words about our tree–the goofier the ornament looks, the more I love it!

  4. Wow! I love your trip down memory lane. I always say “no” to my kids decorating the tree and after they go to bed, I feel so bad…BUT I do let them help me put the ornaments on. I think next year I will give them a tree to themselves. I love how you laid your post out and all the different variations of your tree.

    1. I think two trees is the way to go if you can swing it. That way the kids get one and you can still have fun with your own designer tree. We only have space for one so the family tree wins out!

  5. Thank You for telling me it’s okay to still construct my tree of memories instead of having to put up a perfect theme tree! I’ve wrestled with that decision every year, but ultimately go with what I really love and that is sweet memories of my boys childhoods.

    Claire and Paige from 2006 though! I remember those sweet little girls! That’s when we moved in across the street from you.

    1. That’s right–seems like yesterday and a million years ago all at the same time. I like looking at theme trees, but they aren’t right for our family. Paige still calls Gabey her “pen pal.” Girl cracks me up!

  6. Sharon that is exactly why I also hate perfect trees that are devoid of any sentimental value. A tree should reflect the owner’s lives. Those little g irls are just adorable, don’t you wish they would not grow up and stay like that forever… (I’ve got snarly teens right now). I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas !

    1. I sometimes toy with the idea of setting up a second tree that I decorate around a theme, but I don’t know where I’d put it. And then I’d hate thinking about how I spent money on ornaments for a tree when I have enough ornaments to fill up 3 trees as it is. But to each his own! Yes, I wish I could freeze the girls right now–they’re the perfect age. Hoping the sweetness carries over into the teen years, but from what you and other moms say, I shouldn’t count on it!

  7. I’m getting all weepy looking at people’s kids and dogs this morning, and yours are no exception. I love those trees holding all that family love.
    About the hair…it’s lovely! Seriously, it could be a stunt double for the gorgeous $10,000 wig that Juliana Margulis wears on The Good Wife.

    1. It’s ok to admit that you think my kids and dog are the cutest, Ruth. I won’t tell the other bloggers. 😉 As for the hair, I will admit that it was very shiny and thick in the picture (as it should be–I was 23). But the style…meh. (I love the Good Wife!)

  8. i LOVE your trees thru out the years Sharon, thank you for sharing! I do themes every year, but never fail to incorporate my sentimental ornaments every year on it! I think that’s the most important thing in a Christmas tree. I actually shared some of those ornaments on the blog today. 🙂

    1. Hi, Vel! I thought about incorporating the ornaments into a theme but we’ve got too many of them now. We left off an entire box this year! Maybe next year I can put theme trees in the girls’ rooms and use their ornaments to clear out some space on the family tree. 🙂

  9. I love that you shared pictures of your tree over the years! I wasn’t smart enough to take pictures more years… I’m on the tour tomorrow and am really enjoying seeing how everyone else out their trees together!

    1. Hi, Shelley! We take pictures of the tree every year. I kept thinking one of the years would show the tree looking different, but nope. I’m predictable to a fault. Looking forward to seeing your tree tomorrow!

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