New Year New Room Challenge–The Mudroom

Hey, friends and new visitors! Today’s the day I’ve been looking forward to since the calendar switched over to 2016. My friend Stephanie of Casa Watkins rounded up 10 other talented bloggers to participate in the first ever New Year New Room Challenge. We’re all going to do a room refresh in just three weeks, so on January 26th you’ll get to see 11 makeovers at once. Woohoo!

I know that completed room makeovers are your favorite kind of posts around here, so I love having an extra kick in my pants to get this room finished sooner rather than later. (If you’re inclined to play along and zhush up a space in your own home, share it on Instagram or Facebook using #NewYearNewRoomChallenge. We’ll be reposting our favorites!) Now that the logistics are out of the way, let’s talk about the space in question–the back entryway.

Mudroom Makeover from Pretty Practical Home

The door directly in front of you leads to the garage, so this is where we toss bags, backpacks, and shoes. You may remember I moved this open storage shelf out of the laundry room to create space for the folding table. (And since case goods here never say die, it’s now on the back porch to begin its umpteenth incarnation, this time as a potting bench.)

Mudroom Makeover from Pretty Practical Home

This is the view from the kitchen, and straight ahead is the pantry door. To the left are the french doors that open into the ladies’ lounge.

Mudroom Makeover from Pretty Practical Home

Here’s the view from the lounge showing how the pantry door relates to the garage door. The photo below was taken from the same spot looking towards the right. The archway leads back into the kitchen and ahead is the garage door.

Mudroom Makeover from Pretty Practical Home

That corner is where I thought we’d place a built-in unit. When we first moved here, I priced one out and it was over $2,500.00. After that disappointing (and not happening) quote, I put this room on the back-burner for nearly a year and a half. Since we’re not 100% committed to staying in this house forever, I decided a portable (and significantly cheaper) mudroom was the way to go. Here’s the design plan.

Mudroom Makeover Plans from Pretty Practical Home

I knew January would be the perfect month to finally order the locker unit I’d been stalking, since that’s when companies typically place organizational items on sale. It was 25% off with free shipping, plus I had Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. I don’t love the shutter panels so we’re covering them with some wood panels painted to match.

The walls are now painted the same custom mix from Sherwin-Williams that I used in the laundry room, and we’re going to carry it over into the kitchen and living room. (Not me, though. I’m hiring someone for such a large job.) The doors are going to be painted Tricorn Black to add drama and contrast to the room and (more importantly) showcase the new mirror that will be installed between the two doors.

Lamps Plus Caesar Antique Gold Leaves 32 inch mirror

The mirror has the antique look I was going for and looks way more expensive than its price tag of just under $100.00. Lamps Plus is one of the very generous sponsors I’m working with on this makeover, so I was able to add a light fixture to the plan as well. Just yesterday, I received some crushing news about the selected fixture–it’s on back order until mid February. Dun, dun, dun!

Harbour Point 13 1/2" Wide Liberty Gold Ceiling Light from Lamps Plus

We all know it’s on back order because it’s beautiful, affordable, and has clean and classic lines. Undeterred, I selected this fixture, which isn’t available in gold, but I still really like the shape and the glass. (Guess who’s got a hot date with a can of spray paint?)Charleston Bronze 13 1/2" Wide Clear Glass Ceiling Light

Shorty’s bowls have been replaced with the world’s cutest dog dishes, which is only fitting since he’s (duh) the world’s cutest dog.

Mudroom Makeover from Pretty Practical Home

My dear friend and her family dog-sit Shorty for us since he hates going to the kennel. (Spoiled much?) She commented to me when I picked him up how unattractive his bowls were and that she’d flipped them over to see where the ugly came from, which of course is where she spied my name carved in the bottom. We have an entire collection of bowls that are more accurately described as hot-mess dog dishes from my failed pottery endeavors. Just because you really, really love something doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at it, kids. #truth

Minted saved the day again by supplying me with a pair of prints framed in brass from California artist Jaime Derringer. (I’ll explain a little bit more about how I selected the art pieces in next week’s progress post.)

Untitled 1b by Jaime DerringerUntitled 1a by Jaime Derringer

And because I know how much you all live for my poorly edited room mock-ups, here you go! (Apologies to the new people here–the regulars truly, truly love these. No, truly.)

Mudroom Makeover from Pretty Practical Home

I’ll have lots more details to share next week about the design process and how we may have (ahem) needed to remove the pantry door to saw off the bottom half-inch so it could clear the new rugs, along with a Pinterest fail regarding the Est. 1999 sign. The road to a finished room is never smooth and easy, amiright?

Many thanks to the companies that are sponsoring the New Year New Room Challenge. I couldn’t fit all of the wonderful products available to us in my 7 x 7 room, but I still want to show some sponsor love.

New Year New Room Challenge Sponsors

Be sure to go check out what the other ladies are up to! This is truly a whirlwind project, so today is the first time I’m seeing all of the other plans, too.

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day! 

37 thoughts on “New Year New Room Challenge–The Mudroom

  1. YAY A Mock Up!!! I really do MISS the Mock-Ups! It is going to look AMAZING!! great plan! I love the black door idea, and the gold accents of course, because what doesn’t look good with some gold? The dog bowls are fabulous, but Shorty looks a bit unsure in the photo? I am sure he will get on board though, I just know he has great taste….

    1. Hey, Julie! I haven’t done a true mock-up in forever. I need to get on that! Shorty was indeed a little nervous in that picture. He’s grown to love the bowls since they seem to deliver a steady stream of food and water. 😉

    1. Thanks, Rachael! The CAD rendering of the built-in wasn’t even complicated now that I know a little more about building. If we were a little more experienced (and could work off of a plan) we’d have built it ourselves. 🙂 But I’m really happy with the prefab unit and won’t be mad at myself if we decide to move.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I’m just finishing up the final details now. The accessories are always the most fun but also challenging–knowing when to say when. So thrilled to be doing this challenge with such a talented group!

  2. Eek! I love the asian flare with the art and blue and white pottery. The inspiration board has such a nice-curated feel. Love the layered rugs and the glass light fixture with the edison bulb. Such a pretty space to refresh.

  3. Awesome! Love the layered rugs, might copy you in my I need some of your get’er done-ness. Yes, I made that up but I didn’t think you’d mind.
    Can’t wait to see next week!

    1. You know I’m a huge fan of the never ending makeovers, haha! That’s my usual M.O. unless I’m signed up for some sort of challenge. 😉 You should totally copy the layered rug because woven rugs are cheap, cheap, cheap. Then you buy the smaller rug of your dreams to put on top. Now of course I’m considering having a rotating selection of top rugs to change when the mood strikes. You have to save to spend, or something like that…

  4. Umm love it! The inspiration and that space to work with it going to be beautiful. I love the arched entryway. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  5. Sharon, picture all the heart-eyes emojis you can, and that’s what I think about this! I can’t wait to see it take shape! I’m hoping to tackle our main entryway sometime this year, and this is getting me pumped about that project!!

    1. Haha, Iris! I get all heart-eyes emojis when I walk in the room now, too! I bet you two will build something awesome in your entryway. We’re too new to building to tackle something of that size yet, but hope to get there someday!

  6. Love it. Any chance Rugs USA will be offering your readers a discount? They are my go to now for rugs. I’ve ordered 3 so far. They have crazy good sales for around almost every holiday.

    1. No discount this time, unfortunately. I still haven’t tried them yet, since I had already ordered my rugs before the sponsorship came through. I’ll have to try them next time since you like them so much.

    1. The only thing holding me up is the fact that I have to wait and I can’t figure out how to do the lettering on the sign. I’m now on my third method and Pinterest is full of lies. I hate crafts.

  7. haha! You are my kind of gal! I LOVE what you have planned—STUNNING, great finishes and everything. Love it! The mirror has a Grecian feel to it and the lighting fixture is GORGEOUS.

    1. Thanks! The mirror is probably my favorite element–I don’t think an entryway is complete without one. Can’t wait to see the light fixture–sometimes the second option works out better than the first. 🙂

  8. This is going to be the chic-est mudroom in all the land! I’m crazy for those lockers and the rugs, and I love the extra pops of pattern in the planter and even the dog bowls. So cute that your pup is getting in on the action. You have a great base and great plans–can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Thank you, Brittany! This has been a really fun project and my favorite so far–I enjoy working with a white backdrop. Looking forward to seeing what everyone gets done with such a limited time frame.

  9. Sharon, wow you have an eye for design. I love everything about this room, including your mock up! 🙂 Seriously, I can’t handle the dog bowl story and your pottery makin’! Get OUT! LOL I’m looking forward to seeing this room transform!

    1. I have about a dozen of those wide, flat bowls in the cabinet. We even thought about purging them when we got rid of the bird plates, but I couldn’t stand the idea of anyone but my family and close friends making fun of them. 😉 So excited to see how all of the rooms turn out, too!

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