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New Year's Eve Fashion from Pretty Practical HomeHey, everyone! Long time, no post. I’ve been doing the same things you’ve likely been up to–last-minute shopping, baking, and present wrapping. We also had a very important date on Sunday with Star Wars. Michael and I were in 7th heaven, Claire said it was “pretty good” and Paige wasn’t impressed. (Just additional proof that she was switched at birth with a Star Wars-loving, non-cheerleading girl somewhere.)

Today we’re jumping ahead of Christmas and going straight to New Year’s Eve. Sandy of Pink Tool Girl invited a group of 9 bloggers to write about different New Year’s Eve topics, from entertaining to resolutions to dressing. So we’ve pretty much got you completely covered for New Year’s!

I jumped on the chance to write about fashion, because even though I don’t love going shopping, I do love looking put together and festive.  I’ve decided to break this post down by just how festive you plan on being, meaning we’re looking at everything from cocktail dresses to pajamas. (I’m in the pajamas camp, btw.)

I’m a New Year’s Eve party animal and want to look like one.

Did you get invited to a big bash and want to look the part? Here are some lovely dresses that are all under $100.00. (No reason to break the bank, amiright?) I love Neiman Marcus Last Call for dresses–no one ever thinks to look there because you think it’s going to be expensive, but you can get dresses at great prices and the selection is huge. (They have an extensive plus-size selection of dresses too, FYI.)

Striped party dress from Pretty Practical Home

Lace party dress from Pretty Practical Home

Sangria Taffeta Dress from Pretty Practical Home

Leather pleated dress from Pretty Practical Home
I seriously love this dress and find it quite sad that I have zero reason to purchase it.

Black lace fit and flare dress from Pretty Practical HomeBurgundy Jacquard dress from Pretty Practical HomeMidi striped dress from Pretty Practical HomeSleeveless black lace dress from Pretty Practical HomeI’m just going to chill with the neighbors/family/friends.

We’ve got a couple of levels of festivity in this category. The first two blouses are dressier and could easily go in the party animal category with a pair of cropped dress pants and heels. Keep the blouses more snappy-casual by pairing them with your favorite dark denim instead. (I have an excellent suggestion ahead if you’re in the market for a new favorite.)

Sequin top from Pretty Practical Home Lace sleeveless blouse from Pretty Practical HomeThe next looks are for keeping it super-casual-festive. (I made that up.) These outfits feel like pajamas, but you can wear them in public. Yay!

Lace sweatshirt from Pretty Practical HomeThis jacquard sweatshirt has already been ordered, because it’s a fancy sweatshirt and costs less than $20.00. There’s a plus size version available in grey and white, which would look perfect paired with these white jeans.

I’m pairing mine with my new favorite jeans. The price is under thirty bucks, they’re a mid-rise (thank you), and they come in three inseam lengths (28″, 30″, and 33″). I love the 28″ inseam because they look perfect with booties and you don’t have to deal with the awkward “Am I rolling these jeans properly?” question. I also bought a pair in white, which now brings my grand total to 4 pairs. So, yes, you can say the relationship is serious. 

Perfect skinny jeans from Pretty Practical HomeI adore tunics for a casual yet pulled-together look, and this one by Lush doesn’t disappoint. Add some festive jewelry and you’re ready to party in total comfort. (Don’t be deterred by the Junior sizing–it’s very generously sized.)

Tunic blouse from Pretty Practical Home

I’m sitting around in my pajamas until midnight or going to bed at 10 p.m., whichever comes first.

I can totally relate. If you’re going to lounge, you might as well do it in style. Here are a couple of choices that I’d love to add to my growing jammie-jams collection. (Yes, that’s what I call them.)

Floral pajamas from Pretty Practical HomeClaire hated these and said they looked like granny jammies, but I disagree and think they’re lovely (and currently on sale). If you want something more youthful for your New Year’s Eve sofa-celebration, these are cute and on sale for $15.39. Cheap and comfy!Striped pajamas from Pretty Practical Home

Now that you’re dressed for whatever type of celebration you’re having, it’s time to get some ideas on how to party in your cocktail dress/festive yet comfy clothes/jammie-jams. Check out all of the great ideas everyone else has to help you ring in the New Year, because it looks like I see cocktails, photo booths, snacks and cocoa, just to mention a few!

9 things to do on New Year's Eve 1

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I’ll be back tomorrow with my final post of 2015. (Is it just me or did you blink and this year was over?) I’d also like to congratulate Ellen C. and Tracy H. who were 2 of the 5 winners of the Cutting Edge Stencils giveaway. That’s pretty great considering there were 19 blogs participating in the challenge. I guess in addition to the readers here being bright and good-looking, you’re lucky, too! Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

18 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Blog Hop–Be Fashionable

  1. I’m totally checking out those jeans! I kid you not, I hate jeans shopping SO much, so I’ve had the same 3 pairs for about 2-3 years. In one week every single pair got a hole (in the butt, so not glamorous at all). I am in serious need of some new pairs!

    1. You should give them a try–plus they’re on sale this week! The pickings are slim because of the sale, but maybe you’ll have better luck where you are!

    1. Thanks, Kim! I love clothes but don’t have much opportunity to talk about it on the blog, so this post was a treat for me to write. Loved your glasses so much!

  2. I loved the first two dresses, but no dressing up for me on NYE… We go to a party with our kids, so it’s all about the jeans. So maybe I should order the same sweatshirt as you and we can be twinsies!!!

    1. We don’t even have a family party to attend, so you’ve got more interesting plans than me. I have several “dressy” sweatshirts and think they’re the greatest fashion invention, ever.

  3. Ummmm….how did I not know about Last Call? I can’t wait to start shopping there! I love a your picks and those PJs are not old lady – they are super cute!
    Happy holidays! xo
    PS – I loved The New Star Wars movie!

    1. Hi, Katie! Last Call is the bomb–you’ll love it. I didn’t think those pjs were old lady, either. They’re orange, for Pete’s sake! Happy Holidays to you, too!

    1. Hey, Nancy! Isn’t that always the way? Ever since I learned about the difference between wants and needs my shopping habit has been downgraded from twice a month to twice a year. Now I spend my money on the house! 😉 Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

  4. I love the sequin shirt with the pants. And I need to buy those Target jeans in white – I have been wanting a pair of white jeans forever!

    1. I don’t know how you manage life without white jeans. They’re pretty much a year round staple for me. These white jeans are easy to tuck into boots, which makes them a definite winter winner!

  5. I like “super casual festive”!! I’m going to use that this season! I will totally give your credit. I was torn between the sparkle shirt and the black lace dress. We shall see what I end up wearing! Love the selections.

    1. Hi, Sandy! I always get wistful when I’m looking at party clothes, because I have no occasion to wear them. Hopefully you’ll have a fun party to attend so you can wear something fancy! Thanks so much for organizing this hop–such a great idea!

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