Simple (and Cheap) Holiday Porch Decor–Holiday Homes Blog Hop

Hey, everyone! The week is just blowing on by, isn’t it? Guess how much of my Christmas shopping I’ve got done? (Hint–the answer rhymes with “hero”.) I’ve got a shopping date planned with a friend this weekend and we’re going to knock it all out in a few hours, with plenty of time left over for a cocktail.

I’m sure at this point you thought the Christmas decorating posts were over. First there was my home tour, followed by a post about my tree, another home tour, and finally the post about the cocoa bar. Stop the insanity! Well, we can’t, because I’m participating in yet another blogging group exercise, this time hosted by the lovely Tiffany of The House Down the Lane. (Say what you will about me, but you can’t say I’m not a team player.)

Holiday Homes Hop from Pretty Practical Home

This time a group of bloggers wanted to share a room that they haven’t already shared on a holiday tour, which should be really interesting, because bloggers will be decorating pantries, musty basements, closets–you know, the leftover rooms. Which red-headed step-child of a space did I pick to get some holiday love? My back porch.

Back porch Pretty Practical Home

This picture is from my April porch update, which means it looks way nicer here than it did before I decided to spruce it up for this post. (Just imagine all the plants being dead and the porch not being swept for several months and you’ll get the general idea.) Once again, I kept things simple (and cheap) because we aren’t going to be here for Christmas, and I’m only willing to spend so much when a space is being used for blogging stunt-purposes.

Simple and Cheap Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas from Pretty Practical Home

I added rosemary and pansies to the urns, just like I do every year when it gets cold. It adds a little bit of color and is significantly better looking than the dead plants. For the table, I grabbed a simple glass vase, stuck a candle in it, and then added some small ornaments. The finishing touch is a wreath. I had all of these items on hand, so this didn’t cost me anything. Woohoo!

Simple and Cheap Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas from Pretty Practical Home

Another bargain decor idea is to create a simple greenery swag with the branch cuttings you can get for free from Home Depot. (I’m guessing Lowe’s does the same, but Home Depot is closer to my house.) I clipped the branches and wired them together with some floral wire. The last step is to add the ribbon of your choice.

Simple and Cheap Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas from Pretty Practical Home

Hang these bad-boys from outdoor lights, in between windows, on the backs of your outdoor chairs, etc. (They’re free, after all.)

The next item I set my thrifty-eyes on was my obelisk and planter. The obelisk is from Wal-Mart and is a bargain at $5.87. (I scooped up 3 last spring, and I bet they’ll be back in stock soon.) Place a wreath on top of your planter (real or artificial–I won’t tell). Set a poinsettia inside, and place the obelisk over the poinsettia. Then carefully pull a few blooms through the openings. These would be crazy-impressive as a pair flanking your front door. (I only had one container, so you’ll have to use your imagination.)

Cheap and Simple Christmas Porch Decor from Pretty Practical HomeSmaller poinsettias are much more affordable than the big ones. I clustered them together in a pretty basket for more impact.

Cheap and Simple Christmas Porch Decor from Pretty Practical Home

The wreaths are my favorite part of this budget makeover. I’ve had them forever and decided to update them with some new ribbon that I found at Target in the dollar section. I was like a mad woman digging through the bins to get all of the remaining rolls. Remember, we don’t go to Target to make friends. #truth

Cheap and Simple Christmas Porch Decor from Pretty Practical Home

To get the same look, hang your wreath with a Command hook and tape the faux ribbon hanger to the door. Making a loop bow is as easy as it sounds. Make loops with the ribbon and wrap some floral wire around the loops to secure them before fanning them out. (Do y’all want a tutorial? I’ve been making these bows forever so I think it’s simple, but maybe you don’t feel the same way. Let me know.)

Cheap and Simple Christmas Porch Decor from Pretty Practical Home

Ahh, so festive! I love when simple (and cheap) ideas turn out this pretty.

Cheap and Simple Christmas Porch Decor from Pretty Practical Home

Now it’s time to see what everyone else came up with for their formerly neglected, not-included-on-any-tour spaces!

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I hope you have a great day, and I appreciate you stopping by! 

30 thoughts on “Simple (and Cheap) Holiday Porch Decor–Holiday Homes Blog Hop

  1. This room looks so nice!! What a fun space to having outside! It has so much potential and I think you hit the nail on the head for winter! Those wreaths are adorable! It was so fun doing this hop… I’m so glad you were a part of it!! I’m getting so many new ideas for next year already! haha! xo!!

    1. Thanks! We love the porch and have big plans for it this spring. The hop was fun but I was glad to take down the Christmas stuff–I’m a minimalist at heart!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I always decorate the back porch (our last home, too) because it’s what we see from the family room. I love keeping it simple because it’s easier to clean up!

    1. Thanks, Tara! We had a wonderful Christmas and are almost done taking down the decorations. The house looks naked now! I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas, too!

  2. I have to say you had me laughing about Target. I love to hit those bins but then what DiY blogger wouldn’t. Your porch is awesome for pulling it together so quickly and I love doing all the recycling to keep costs down. Love it. Cathy

    1. Thanks so much, Cathy! The blog hop was a great excuse for me to clean off the porch and figure out some cheap decorating ideas. Love Target!

  3. You’re so funny about Target. I always feel bad clearing out the dollar bins, but sometimes you just have to…lol. Love your simple and inexpensive makeover. I think you added just enough and great tips too for doing decorations on a budget.

    1. Hi, Erlene! I don’t feel bad about clearing out the dollar bins–it’s every woman for herself! Thanks so much for your kind words about the porch–enjoyed doing the hop with you!

  4. That’s a great porch!!! I love how you spruced it up on the cheap, it looks lovely!
    It was so fun joining everyone for this hop!
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Karen! We love the porch and plan on doing some bigger updates in the spring so we can enjoy it more. The hop was lots of fun, and a great excuse for me to change out my planters. Merry Christmas!

  5. Even tho you re going to be gone it is good to look like you are home for the Holliday and you did a good job of it. Love the simpjicty of it. Have a great Christmas

    1. Thank you, Melva! I’ll make an attempt to film a video tutorial today, since that’s probably easier than explaining it with pictures and text. 🙂

  6. The porch looks great! And regarding bows, I am inept. I recall a guru teaching me in person and I still could not successfully make one. Oh well, I have other talents…..

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