Thanksgiving Magnolia Garland and Tablescape–Create and Share Challenge

Hi, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. And a great Monday and Tuesday. It sort of felt like I fell off the grid there for a bit, but I needed a couple of days to unwind from the 72 hour shop-a-style-a-thon that I had to do to get Paige’s room finished.

I’m thrilled that it’s completed and even happier that it’s been getting so much internet-love, including a feature on House Beautiful’s website. I’m less than thrilled that the “before” picture makes it look like a bunch of wild animals live here. I guess you take the good with the bad.

Today I’m excited to announce that I’m participating in my first Create and Share Challenge, hosted by Stephanie of Casa Watkins. This month’s challenge was to create a Thanksgiving tablescape featuring a DIY element, my specialty. #notsomuch (Someone remind me to quit signing up for crazy challenges. Please.)

We could title this challenge “Where’d that china pattern come from?” and call it a day. To say the pattern is challenging to work with is an understatement, but it was a bridal shower gift from my parents and it’s mine for life now.

Create and Share Thanksgiving Table from Pretty Practical HomeYou can see teal, navy, grey, black, and gold. All colors that just scream, “Thanksgiving!” I decided to throw the usual colors of brown, orange, and red out the window and stick with navy and gold. I’m not a miracle worker, people.

Create and Share Thanksgiving Table from Pretty Practical HomeThe sweet lady at the Market Street floral department was staring at my saucer plate with deep concern in her eyes. “Honey, those are some tricky colors. Just stick with the white hydrangea.” You can’t argue with that logic, y’all.

Create and Share Thanksgiving Table from Pretty Practical HomeThe hemstitch napkins and quail taper holders are from Target. I’m still stunned that neither of my sisters wanted my grandmother’s silverplate. The set was nearly black when I took ownership but now it has a beautiful glow.

Create and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeCreate and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeCreate and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeThe magnolia leaves make excellent place cards. (Yours will turn out prettier–my penmanship is atrocious.) I didn’t want the leaves to go to waste, so I decided to incorporate them into my garland. My strategy has always been to start with a realistic artificial garland and fill it with lots of cuttings. Same with the wreaths.

I removed all of the leaves and placed them in a pretty compote along with a gold pen. Everyone should write what they’re thankful for.

Create and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeCreate and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeYes, those are serious answers. I don’t joke around about my Housewives, candy, or my dog. Take your leaves and make a cluster. Cut a 6 inch length of green floral wire and wrap it around the leaves.

Create and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeCan I get a hand stunt double somewhere? Seriously. Here’s what your end product should look like. (Just with nicer penmanship.)Create and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeThe last step is to wrap the wired leaves around your garland. Now you’ll have a nice little personal touch in your Christmas decor and something to keep Uncle Merle busy with during Thanksgiving dinner. #winwin

Create and Share Challenge Tablescape from Pretty Practical HomeYou may remember that the last time I created a tablescape we didn’t get to enjoy it. You’ll be happy to know that a family meal is scheduled in the dining room for tomorrow evening, most likely featuring our favorite meal, “Take Out.” It’s an old family recipe.

Be sure to check out what the other ladies in the Create and Share Challenge came up with for their tablescapes! They are undoubtedly craftier than I am.


Who’s excited for the reveal of Claire’s room on Friday? I am, I am! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a great day!

35 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Magnolia Garland and Tablescape–Create and Share Challenge

  1. Congrats on the House Beautiful feature!! Your table is so elegant and I love the magnolia leaves you used. I can’t believe those taper candle holders came from Target! Great find. Beautiful china and silver.

    1. Thank you, Kathy! I’ve had my eye on those taper holders for a while now and figured setting the Thanksgiving table was a good excuse. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving in Japan!

  2. Sharon, you could totally do stand up! You’re hilarious. I know, I say it every time I read one of your post! Take out! LMAO!!! This is so classy and beautiful. The brass holders from Target are perfect! Love. The leaf name cards are genius! Your handwriting is great too BTW! Much better than mind would have been!!!! I’m glad you joined the Create and Share group!

    1. Thanks, Sara! I can’t believe you’re handwriting is worse than mine–that must be scary. Those brass candles holders are such a great buy–Nate gets me every time!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! While the husband was out of town the girls feasted on mac ‘n cheese while mom dined on a bowl of cereal. Haute cuisine at its finest! I’m sure the take out will be an improvement. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jenny! I’ll have to share some more leaves during the holiday tour. I can only imagine what the rest of them are going to write.

    1. Did you hear there’s a 2016 RHofDallas?! I nearly lost my mind when I heard. The sadness over not being contacted as a potential cast member was totally soul-crushing. I’m still on the long road to recovery…

  3. I think you’re craftier than you think ☺️! I actually love that you went with non-traditional colors for your tablescape. Now you get to sit down as a family and enjoy your McDonalds! (Kidding. Please tell me take out does not mean McDonalds.)

    1. I honestly can’t remember the last time we had McDonald’s, so that’s a good thing! Our take out of choice is Chick-fil-A and we’re willing to drive 20 minutes to get to one. I don’t classify floral arranging as crafting (except for the purpose of the blog’s table of contents) so I’m still saying I’m not very crafty. I do love floral arranging though and used to work in the floral department of Kroger during high school. Jack of all trades, master of none!

  4. Hi, Sharon ~ Your table looks beautiful, and I love your china! You did a wonderful job pulling everything together. I absolutely adore how you added the magnolia leaves to an existing wreath. Such a creative idea! We record what we’re thankful for on paper leaves each year, and I’ve never been happy with how they’re displayed, but you’ve given me some food for thought. Thank you for sharing your lovely tablescape!

    1. Thanks, Tiffany! I know magnolia leaves aren’t usually part of Thanksgiving decor, but the leaves are so much sturdier and easier to write on. I love using items more than once. Saves money to put towards the Starbucks budget.

    1. I wish you lived in Dallas, too–we could spend all our spare time thrifting home decor and shopping at Homegoods. And of course I’d have a magnolia place setting for you!

  5. Sharon, congrats on the HB feature! That room was stunning. As for your china, I really like it and I enjoy the challenge of decorating for a holiday and eschewing the traditional colors. Your table scape is lovely . I really like the idea of using the leaves to write your grateful wishes. I know which one is yours! 😉

    1. Thanks, Mary! Do they have magnolia trees in Greece? (Even though I think you’re in NY right now…) The only color flowers that really compliment the china are white and orange, so I usually have to get creative with seasonal decor. I often wish it was just a nice white china with a platinum band–life would be so much simpler. 😉

    1. Thanks, Darlene! I’ve learned it’s best to work with my china than against it. (But I do think orange would be really pretty–maybe next time!) Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. I love how simple your DIY is. You can do so much with magnolia leaves, the possibilities are endless! Your tablescape and plates are gorgeous. I love it…Very formal and upscale.

    1. Thanks, Jess! I love a formal table and that’s the only kind I’ll set in my dining room. We go outside for casual. Magnolia leaves are my favorite and I need to start ordering mine now if I want the garland to look full!

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