4 Brilliant Glass Door Ideas This 2022 To Spice Up Your Home!


Doors are the gate inside your home. It may sound obvious. However, many failed to recognise the significance it delivers to every contemporary home. Be it a landed or an HDB housingā€”the door stands between privacy assurance and extravagance. While you can opt for a glass partition wall or frameless glass door for your home, it’s crucial that you discover the right glass door idea for your home.

Here are brilliant glass door ideas to incorporate into your home this 2022:

Wooden frame glass door

A wooden frame glass door can be a brilliant option if you want a classy and timeless appeal for your front or back door. While it may not be the close semblance for almost every modern glass curtain in Singapore, a wooden frame glass door can offer a different touch to your home. It makes use of natural lighting perfectly with a classy charm!

Folding glass door

Now for a modern touch and appeal, a folding glass door offers something different from your traditional, contemporary sliding glass door in Singapore. It’s sleek and unique. Add a creative or minimalistic colour to its frame, and you have something more interesting to add accents.

Thin-framed arch glass door

If you’re getting tired of looking for a frameless sliding glass door in Singapore, you might want to consider a thin-framed arch glass door. An arched glass door creates the most stylish and ideal modern look for your interior or exterior. It just suits and complements a wider variety of interior and exterior designs!

Stained glass door

Inspired by the timeless ‘cathedral glass’, you can deliver an artful quality and appeal to your home with a stained glass door. Add in some excellent colour palettes or schemes. The end result is a stunning and gorgeous environment of its eye-catching brilliance! Be it an abstract design or a figural imageā€”its bright patterns can emanate elegance that compliments several designs and styles.

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