4 Reasons Why You Should Buy A House This 2019


Christmas and New year is already way behind us, and while other people are aiming to get fit, get a car or even get that promotion. Some would try their best and strive for something even more challenging. That is getting a house! Well, just as they say, there is no time better than now.

Getting a house and an FHA Texas loan is a difficult challenge for everybody, but below are some of the reasons why you should go with it regardless of the problems and circumstances that might come your way. Here are some reasons why you should buy a house this 2019!

There would be more choices available to you

While the other previous years posed amazing selections, you will be surprised at how much variety and options you will have for this year! Sure, there might be a better selection next year, but there is no denying that taking a look at some of the available households right this moment would give you the most inspiration in earning or better yet, buying your dream home. From houses on a beach to houses in the suburbs of the city, the selections can be endless. You’ll never know, your dream house might be just right in the corner.

Mortgage rates have declined during the end of 2018

This is another reason why you should go out and get yourself a house. Statistics show that the mortgage rates have fallen towards the end of the year 2018 providing people who have been longing for a home a window to be able to get one at a more affordable rate. With a mortgage loan that is slowly decreasing, it is best not to test the waters and wait till it starts to rise again. You should take full advantage of the decreasing mortgage loan rates while it is still happening!

Prices of homes can be easier to negotiate on with sellers

In the previous years, a person who would have a house to sell would have buyers lining up from a mile away with offers that are more than a seller could ask for. But now, sellers tend to sell their houses in a more flexible and negotiable manner, why? Because they are sandwiched by people who already bought homes from the previous years and people who could not afford it this year. This year also marks as a year for a price reduction in houses. So go ahead and negotiate to your heart’s content, you will come across a person who can give you a quality home for an affordable price.

You have power when it comes to negotiating

Unlike the previous years, houses tend to stay for sale for a little bit longer to a sellers comfort. This means that they would be the ones lining up when a buyer says he or she is interested in buying a house instead of the other way around. Because of this, there has been an apparent shift in culture giving us, the buyers more leverage when it comes to negotiating. A seller’s goal is to have their house bought, and you can exploit that.

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