4 Things Every Student Needs in On-Campus Housing


Whether taking an undergraduate or postgraduate course, many students live in on-campus housing, private rentals, or other types of accommodation so they can live closer to their university. For many undergraduate students, this may be their first experience living alone and being independent. If you’re a student living on your own for the first time, you’ll need to get a few necessities for your living space to make university life easier for you.

Here are four items you can look for when shopping for your on-campus housing: a bed with storage and more.

1. Single Mattress

An excellent single mattress is the first thing you’ll need to get for your new living space. You’ll need plenty of good rest for your studies, so having something comfortable and durable will help you get the rest you need. Since on-campus housing and other student accommodations are often small, a single mattress from Singapore is ideal for your bedroom.

2. Bed Frame

Again, students’ living space can be sparse since they’ll be trying to save their money, even those with private rental rooms. Get a bed with storage instead of a regular bedframe to make the most of your available space. You can place your new mattress on it and keep your area clean by putting your things under the storage space available. It’s best to get a drawer bed for easy access.

3. Towel Rack

Some living spaces for students each have personal bathrooms, but some also have communal bathrooms. One great thing to keep in your room is a towel rack from Singapore, regardless of which type of bathroom you have available. It ensures your towel has its place to dry and for the sake of keeping your room organised.

4. Bedside Table

A side table from Singapore can help you keep your things organised and easily accessible. You can put items such as a lamp, alarm clock, and school books on your side table to find and use them easily while you’re in your living space. It’s handy if you don’t have room for a study desk, too, since you can study in bed and have all your study materials on your table.

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