4 Tips for Picking your Ideal Double Storey Family Home


Double storey homes are growing in popularity in Sydney, offering modern luxury living with a flexible floor plan to suit your growing family’s needs.  The conventional style double storey layout combines traditionally shared spaces on the ground level with the more private spaces delicately tucked away in the upper levels.

Luxury two storey homes have become ideal family homes in Sydney as they have a smaller ground footprint.  The option of building vertically offers modern families financial and aesthetic benefits, including maximising prime real estate plots.

This new style family home affords families the ability to separate shared and private spaces across two levels creating a functional flow of living spaces and nothing says luxury family home quite like a double storey home specifically designed to meet your family’s needs.  Here are 4 tips for picking your ideal double storey family home:

1. Modern and contemporary house plans are flexible and adaptable and thus suitable for modern families. Many families still enjoy the more traditional design feature of a casual, open floor-plan for shared spaces whilst incorporating modern and contemporary design elements.

2. Flexible floor plans are ideal for families with growing children as the plans can evolve to suit the changing needs of the family making the spaces versatile and fit for future needs. This also creates flexible spaces that give the house a tailored and luxurious quality.

3. Spacious family living – Although the ground footprint of double storey homes is typically smaller, the living spaces are spread over two distinct levels with a clear division between shared and private spaces. Double storey homes offer the homeowner creative opportunities to fashion unique family spaces based on lifestyle and family needs.

4. Affordable luxury – Luxury two storey homes need not be beyond the financial grasp of the masses. Clever design techniques can add luxurious touches to even the most modest of homes, e.g. multi-level windows that draw in natural light, giving the illusion of openness whilst maximising the elevated vistas.  Making a design feature out of the staircase can also add a modern twist of affordable luxury to your dream home.

If you’re looking for a new home in Sydney, double storey homes can make for ideal family homes;  they can be specifically tailored to meet your family’s needs through clever and contemporary design elements with versatile and adaptable living spaces to suit your family’s changing needs for years to come.

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