When it comes to replacing their roofs, more homeowners choose metal. Metal roofs offer many options for customization and protection that will last a lifetime.

Florida homeowners love metal roofs for many reasons. We’re going to show you the best reasons why a metal roof is worth your consideration.

1. Metal Roofs Can Last 40+ Years!

An asphalt shingle roof should be replaced on average every 15-30 years. Metal roofs last longer. This might be your last roof replacement, depending on how long you intend to stay in your home.

2. They are extremely durable

Metal roofs are naturally stronger than other types and can withstand heavy winds and other damage. Metal roofs can be resistant to impact to some degree, while shingle roofs may not be as resilient.

Roofs need to be maintained in good condition. Metal roofs are much easier to maintain and cost less.

3. Metal roofs improve energy efficiency

A metal roof is the best choice if energy efficiency is your top priority. Metal roofs are reflective of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and help your home stay cool during hot Florida summers. Your HVAC system will work less often and more efficiently if your home is naturally cooler. This can help you reduce your energy bills. A metal roof can reduce cooling costs by up to 25{9931f4b8f18f13807521e9d11c440a83933a615b045074a3eac2c2cae004b2ed}

4. They are environmentally friendly

A metal roof is a great choice for homeowners who are more concerned about sustainability and creating environmentally-friendly homes. The metal roofing material can be recycled 100{9931f4b8f18f13807521e9d11c440a83933a615b045074a3eac2c2cae004b2ed}. It will be many decades before it is time to replace your metal roof. The old roof can be reused and repurposed.

A metal roof can also insulate your home from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and reduce your carbon footprint. It’s also good for the planet to consume less energy.

A metal roof is a great foundation for solar panels if you are thinking about switching to solar energy. A metal roof can be used to install solar panels. The panels can also shade your roof and keep it cool, thereby cooling your home. ).

5. They Resist Moss, Algae, and Fungus

A traditional shingle roof can lead to the growth of harmful moss, algae, and fungus. This can cause damage to your roof and ultimately a replacement roof.

Metal is naturally resistant to moss, algae, and fungus. This helps extend the roof’s life span. Your roof will last longer and look great!

Ask an expert for his opinion

A professional roofer is the best person to consult if you are considering installing a metal roof on your Florida home. HD Roofing Professionals can handle any job no matter how large or small. We are available to assist our clients when they need us most, whether it’s roof repairs or storm damage. Call us today to schedule a roofing consultation.

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