5 Key Interior Decorating Tips for 2020


Welcome to a new decade, new trends and of course new interior decorating tips for 2020. Along with a new year comes the desire to feel refreshed and while this is a personal feeling, our homes deserve the same type of attention as well. What better way to make an entrance into a new decade than by refreshing and renewing your homes look and feel.

Are you thinking about remodeling parts of your home such as your master bathroom, kitchen or living room?  If so, this is an excellent time to bring in an interior decorating who can ensure that the furniture, fixtures, and decorations complement each other. This is the ideal time with creatives effervescing with ideas and design concepts that can enhance the atmosphere and utility of your living space. Interior design influenced refurbishments to your home will have the effect of pulling your home’s aesthetic together with impeccable co-ordination and taste. Here, we share key interior decorating tips for 2020 to ensure that your project retains an impeccable, professional finish.

1. Current interior design trends should be on the drawing board when planning your next home remodel. There are a diverse range of styles ranging from the clean and contemporary Mid-century Modern to the gorgeous and slightly kitsch Grandmillenial style. Add to that sustainable luxury styling with natural fabrics such as wool or cotton, hardwood flooring, and opulent craftsmanship. Read and research widely to pull together the interior design style that works for you.

2. Try painting a few of your interior doors in rich bold colors that add warmth and character to your space. Painted doors can add an artistic element for the room. Complimented with the right furniture and decorations and you’ve just added a touch of personality to your home.  Experiment with different colors and palates to see what you like best.

3. Arizona is one of the most unique environments on earth and a great place to live! Work in elements that draw from the desert location. Rustic detailing like saddle leather, aged wood, rich rugs and hardy floor rugs can really infuse your home with the Spanish, American and native traditions that characterize Southwestern style.

4. If you are short of ideas, sitting down for at least an initial consultation with an interior designer can get your creative juices flowing. It really helps to get an objective point of view on what you are trying to achieve. Interior designers are trained professionals who are experts at creating attractive and functional living spaces for a variety of people.

5. Be bold by going with alternative options. Instead of granite countertops go with less expensive quartz countertops. Use performance fabrics to increase the functional use of furniture for the entire family.  Instead of faux plants, opt for the real green plants so that you can see the real organic growth over time.

These amazing interior decorating tips for 2020 will get you on the right path to including the latest design and decorating trends.  Always make sure to keep in mind your own personal preferences as well so that you aren’t only trendy but truly love the upgrades you’ve made for your home.

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