Bow Vs Bay – What Is the Right Window for Your Home?


Thinking about which window will be a perfect fit for your home? Go for Bay windows and Bow window; these are two fantastic types of windows designed to meet the specifications of your home. Bay windows and bow windows are very similar, but not identical. If you are unsure which one best suits your space, we explain the different things that each has to offer.


A Bay window is a three-panelled window that juts from your home, and typically features a window seat or storage bench below it, on the inside of the house.

The idea behind it is to create an illusion of the outdoor being brought in. By creating the feeling that while in your living room, you’re simultaneously in your yard, the bay window creates a unique space and a fabulous atmosphere in your room. Of course, the appeal this has on the eye can also not be overlooked.


Bow windows serve the same purpose as bay windows; the major difference being that they are typically larger.

Usually, bow windows have five panels, which cause them to curve like a bow instead of appearing more rigid like a bay window. The size makes them a prominent feature in your room, so it’s important that you have the wall space to incorporate them, and that the amount of light and exposure they’re built to allow in won’t be uncomfortable for you.


The pleasure is not only in deciding which of these two things to pick. Actually, the fun begins when you consider customized finishing touches to add to your window such as:

  • Wood colour
  • Glass type
  • Hardware
  • Grilles
  • Screens

What you make of these choices will dramatically transform the look of the window, so before you make a final decision on these things, imagine what a combination of all your choices will actually look like before you return home.

Otherwise, you may have an unpleasant surprise when your window arrives for installation.

Once the window is in, you also have the opportunity to create a new internal space. Many homeowners turn it into extra seating or create additional storage. Whatever your choice, ensure to maximize space!

If two or more similar homes are all for sale in the same area, it’s the small touches that will help one stand out from the others. New bay windows or bow windows that help you accomplish this, and will give you a leg up. This is especially important in economic climates such as we are experiencing now when there are many homes for sale but few buyers in the market.

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