Branch Cutting As Per The Requirement for You


If you cut branches, hedges or pruning bushes, use tools such as scissors, hand pruner, clipper or pole saw. Depending on the type of wood and its diameter, the blades will be crossed or with anvil effect, and the rack mechanism for better transmission. You need to use the Best Tool For Cutting Tree Branches now.

Why cut and prune branches and bushes

Pruning plants has several advantages, both for them and for you. First of all, it favors its growth and its production of flowers or fruits. Pruning can also keep them healthy, by removing damaged parts or parasites. In addition, it allows you to adapt your growth to the environment, change its shapes and appearance, and provide an aesthetic addition to your garden or park.

Pruning or thinning seeks to relieve trees and shrubs from dead, damaged or damaged branches. This also encourages regrowth and allows trees to be strengthened by controlling their growth.

Ideally, perform all these tasks in winter, when trees and shrubs are in a vegetative state. You can also do it during the first days of spring if winter conditions do not allow you to work; however, it is essential to act before the first rise of the sap, regardless of the type of plant.

What are pruning shears?

The manual pruner is used to prune plants and allows cutting branches up to 3 cm in diameter. According to its technology, of crossed blades (crisscrossing) or anvil type, designed respectively to cut green and tender wood, or dead and hardwood.

Pruning shears are used with only one hand and offer a better gearbox transmission. They are usually zipper, although the most comfortable models include a battery. Try to give priority to the quality and ergonomics of the handle in case of repeated use, as well as a good quality tempered steel blades.


A trimmer prunes and cuts branches with a diameter of 3 to 5 cm, depending on its characteristics. Like pruning shears, its leaves can cut hard and deadwood (anvil or shear-type blades) or green and tender wood (crossed blades, also called clean cut).

Its mechanism can be rack and its telescopic handle allows a satisfactory gear and use.

What is a pole saw

A pole saw is defined as a trimmer placed at the end of a telescopic bar several meters (+ 3 m).

The blades are driven by a string and can be a clean-cut or anvil type, depending on the plants to be cut and pruned.

The pole saw also has a saw blade at the end of the handle, which allows you to saw the branches that you cannot cut.

What are secateurs?

A scissors to trim hedges is used to prune plants such as hedges but also to finish the lawn. The scissors represent an alternative to the motorized hedge trimmer and the trimmer, and above all, it provides greater cutting precision.

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