Perfect Cooling and Perfect Caretaking of the Air Conditioners


Apart from the cooling function, the air-conditioning system also takes care of the quality, including the air quality at home. It has filters that need replacing. If we properly take care of our air conditioner, we will enjoy its trouble-free operation, high efficiency and we will gain the safety of the household members staying in the air-conditioned room.

Why clean the air conditioning at home

It is said that the air conditioning is virtually maintenance-free. The only thing that we cannot forget about is cleaning this device. Fortunately, this is not an arduous activity. The process of cooling the air involves the production of a large amount of moisture. As you know, the excess of water vapor in the air is unfavorable for both the health of people who breathe, as well as for the building itself. Moisture promotes the growth of microorganisms. That’s why the air conditioner needs cleaning. Although each air conditioner has a filter, the air flowing through the heat exchangers also transports dust, fungal spores, mold, and bacteria. It is an organic material that will settle on the surface of heat exchangers and fan blades. And our task is to get rid of it. How to do it? Here are some great tips. For the LK Brothers aircon chemical wash this is the perfect deal.

How often do you clean your home air conditioning?

For aesthetic reasons, the indoor unit’s panel should be wiped with dust using a dry cloth at least once a week. On a regular basis, also remove impurities, for example, residual leaves from the outdoor unit. When it comes to the work of a larger caliber, the frequency is much lower.

The filter itself is the most susceptible to pollution. You need to clean it once every 1-3 months. The discrepancy results from the fact that in each house we deal with a different degree of air pollution and the frequency of the air conditioner itself. Thorough cleaning of the entire device is enough to plan once a year. The filters can be cleaned on their own a mild cleaning agent with an admixture of bactericidal preparation is enough. The exception is filters that retain very small particles because they require replacement. The manufacturer informs us about the principles of washing and replacing the filters in the enclosed instructions for each device.

How to clean the air conditioner

Proper service and maintenance of air conditioners extend their lifetime and reduces the risk of breakdown by as much as half. For this purpose, regular maintenance and service inspections should be carried out. Impurities cause a reduction in the COP coefficient of effectiveness. In addition, pollutants have a negative effect on people, especially on allergy sufferers.

Maintenance and service inspections of air conditioners are recommended twice a year, preferably in the spring – March or April and at the end of summer – August. This type of work should be outsourced to trained specialists, thanks to which we can be sure that the whole works properly and at the right level.

Cleaners for home air conditioning

Special chemicals are used to clean the air conditioning. Preparations for cleaning and disinfection are dedicated to evaporators, condensers and other elements of the installation. A wide range of different preparations is available for sale, thanks to which it is possible to optimally adjust the agent to the type of surfaces being cleaned and the type of soiling. They may have a different constitution and form – liquid, aerosol, concentrate. When buying, it is worth paying attention to whether the product has the necessary approvals and permits.

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