Common Signs Your Home Is Infected from Termites


One of the commonly found types of termites is dry wood termites. These termites live majorly in dry wood. One of the best places to find them is in windows, foundations, and door frames. They remain hidden for several years and can be hard for people to find them out. They feed on wood in any form from skirting boards to furniture.

It is important to watch for certain signs of termites. It is a wise idea to perform a regular evaluation of your house to catch them quickly and prevent any damage caused by them in the house.

What are Termites?

Termites are a kind of social insect that prosper on cellulose and wood material. It can pose a lot of threat to commercial and residential premises that are built from timber. Hiring an experienced and specialized termite control firm gives peace of mind to the house owner and saves them from hefty medical expenditures in the long run.

Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California. Sacramento termite inspection offers a complete examination of your house using the most advanced termite elimination tools and methods.

What are the harms caused by the infestation of termites in a house?

Presence of termites in the house can be very damaging. This is because of the few underlying reasons:

  • Food contamination
  • Transmission of disease
  • Allergy because of their bites
  • Damage to crops
  • Bites that can lead to allergic reactions, minor irritation, and disease transmission.
  • Property wiring, woodwork, and drywall
  • Destroys furniture, curtains, and bedding
  • Cloth damage
  • Psychological impact


One of the signs of the presence of termites is quiet clicking sort of sounds that come from the walls. This sound is made by soldier termites who shake their bodies when their colony is disturbed or they bang their head region against walls.

Flying termites

This is the first and foremost indication of the infestation of termites. These flying termites are generally female or male termites that have left their nest to look for a mate and to build a new colony.

Discarded wings

Another important indication of termites is their discarded wings. Termites generally lose their wings after some time when they find a mate.

Hollow sounding timber

Termites consume wood that makes them hollow from inside. All that is left is the hollow structure with paint. If you find that on tapping timber, it feels hollow from inside, then it is an indication that the timber has been eaten away.

Doors that are tight fitting and windows that are hard to open

Another sign that gives an indication that your house is infected from termite is warped doors and stiff windows. If you find it, then is a clear-cut indication of termites in your house. This is due to the moisture produced by termites when they eat and tunnel through window frames and door. It causes the wood to get warp, thus making it difficult to open windows and doors.


So, these are the seven signs of infestation of termites for which you should take necessary preventive measure for their efficient elimination.

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