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Douglas is one of the Canadian-inspired mattress shipping to every province and territory. It is available in six standard sizes and designed for a single, fine-tuned firmness. Every Douglas is delivered in a box, protected under a 15-year warranty, and can be tried at home for 120 nights with hassle-free returns. The Douglas Mattress has sometimes been referred to as Douglas or the Douglas some websites created their own mattress review site under a different name where they rate many well-known mattress brands and interestingly rate their own five brands as the best mattress of 2019.

Reviews of Douglas mattress

Douglas mattress online reviews and designed for Canadian sleepers. It is offering the perfect balance of support, comfort, and pressure-point relief for all sleeping positions. Douglas is the most Canadian mattress in Canada and it is loved by tens of thousands nationwide. The Douglas mattress contains three layers of high-quality foam that deliver active cooling, perfect bounce, and balanced pressure relief every night, all year round. There are following some features:Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Douglas Mattress Cover

The Douglas mattress is designed with a red zipper running along the side of the mattress, to allow for the top half of the cover to be removed for washing. only the top cover is washable and it is recommended that it is washed in cool or warm water on a delicate setting.

Cooling Gel Foam

eco light foam is the crowning comfort layer of every Douglas mattress. Infused with cooling gel, eco light foam dissipates heat quickly and it is just as luxurious as high-density memory foam, but without the quicksand feeling

Premium Elastex Foam

Douglas premium Elastex foam provides surface-wide comfort and balanced support throughout the mattress. It offers latex-like responsiveness and pressure relief, but without any of the harmful or allergy-causing chemicals found in natural latex.

Motion Isolation Support Foam

Douglas’s bottom layer is responsible for eliminating motion transfer between sleepers and providing extensive full-body support throughout the night.

Unbeatable Price

Douglas is the great Canadian mattress sold without the markups, middlemen, and commissions you get at mattress stores. Just exceptional comfort at the right price.

Made in Canada

Douglas is truly the most Canadian mattress on the market. Designed for all four Canadian seasons, to a custom-firmness that Canadians say they love most.


This is using less carbon, better materials, and cleaner energy. Douglas is one of Canada’s most eco-friendly mattresses. It is sustainable at every step, and always trying for more.

Perfect for Every Sleep Position

Douglas is a plush, supporting feel and pressure-point relief for all sleeping positions.

  • Best-in-class spinal alignment for side sleepers
  • Balanced support for back sleepers
  • Pressure-point relief for stomach sleepers

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