Finding Hidden Leaks In Your House


As a homeowner, you may be aware of the dangers of having water leakages in your house. In particular, water leaks have the potential to cause significant structural damage to your home. When water penetrates porous materials that your house has, it flows onwards to a point where it starts accumulating. In these areas, the moisture created by the damp conditions combined with a lack of direct sunlight leads to an environment conducive for the growth of mold. This weakens the house’s structure and potentially leads to a collapse of ceilings or walls.

Knowing these dangers, homeowners can conduct regular checks on their property, particularly on the weathered surfaces of their house. Identifying how water flows off their property and areas of weakness where water puddles could be formed allows them to identify early leakages. However, not all leakages are visible to the naked eye. Indeed, water leakages can occur in hidden areas of your house such as from pipes hidden behind walls. In such cases, the leak may not be evident until moisture accumulates to a point whereby major repairs are required. This is also possible for underground pipes, with moisture being hidden by your flooring.

How then can homeowners conduct regular checks for hidden water leaks? A simple method involves closing all possible water outlets in your household, for example, faucets, sinks, lavatories, and showers. After which, you should observe your water meter for a time period for changes. If the needle moves slowly, it is indicative of a potential hidden wall leak. Conversely, a fast needle movement should alert you to water escaping from a pipe in substantial quantities.

Once you have determined that your house has a hidden water leak, a further do-it-yourself investigation can be done to narrow down the possible leaking area, but caution is advised as further damage to your household can be done. Instead, a better solution would be to enlist the help of professional water leakage Singapore companies who have both expertise and tools to correctly diagnose the leakage. This is particularly important where leaking pipes are either hidden by walls or underground. Non-intrusive methods have to be used to rectify these leaking pipes in order to not damage your house’s structure.

Time is of the essence when identifying, diagnosing and repairing water leakage issues in your home. Unnecessary delays could lead to both problems for your house’s structure and its inhabitants’ health.

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