Finer Balances for the Door and Windows Replacement


There are several reasons why doors and windows should be replaced, especially the questions of comfort and aesthetics. Be aware, however, that the savings made by replacing a window or door hardly ever justify the investment. Full window replacement is rarely recommended, except in cases where windows are heavily affected by water or UV radiation. In older homes, when the window frame is damaged, we often encounter the following problems:

  • rotten frame
  • large air leaks
  • aluminum or cracked vinyl

If you need to replace your windows, see our windows and doors fact sheet: bring in the light, keep the heat. Also, if you choose to replace your windows, be sure to buy the best windows that your budget can afford. For the windows and doors replacement in markham this is the best option for you now.

To fix

Repair is recommended in the majority of cases. It is possible to repair the window to make it more airtight and it is even possible to add a low-e (low-e) film to achieve performances that are close to those of doors and windows.

  • It is recommended to repair a window in cases where:
  • it is antique and we want to preserve its appearance
  • we are legally obliged to preserve it
  • only the thermos is damaged

Thermos glazed window

Double thermos glazings have a maximum service life of about 20 years; it is normal to have to replace them. Without having to change the entire window, it is possible to remove the moldings on the inside of the window (whether fixed or opening), then to change only the thermos glazing. This is simpler than we think, much less expensive and more environmentally friendly than full window replacement. Glaziers must be used to obtain new thermos windows. Opt for the same thickness of glazing as the original thermos, but lean on low-emissivity films and insulating spacers.

Recommendations, depending on the type of frame of your windows:

Wood Frame: If the wood is structurally intact and is not in a state of decomposition, consider repairing and adding interior or exterior storm windows.

Aluminum frame: aluminum is always very durable and water resistant. It is often a question of increasing the tightness of the window with weatherstripping and sealants.

PVC frame: these frames are usually well insulated, but can turn yellow and lose their shape. It is possible to apply PVC paint to increase their aesthetics on the outside or inside. For PVC windows with single sliding cracked glass, think of replacement instead.


The most common exterior doors are constructed from two steel walls overlying a core of usually urethane foam. Some fiberglass doors have a fiberglass frame filled with urethane foam, further reducing heat loss.

In the case of glazed doors or with glazed side panels, insist that insulating glass units having the same characteristics as high-efficiency windows, that is to say provided with a low-emissivity coating, be installed, with insulating spacers and an air gap filled with argon. Some manufacturers now offer doors with triple glazing insulation.

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