Finer Options for the Best Choices in the Choice of Workshop


Slim or thick, deco or design, the work plan never goes unnoticed in a kitchen. With the credence, it is even he who sets the tone! Here are our tips for choosing your work plan.

An essential element to any well-appointed kitchen, the work plan is not chosen lightly. Thickness, material, color, depth, height are all criteria to consider before launching. More stress, with these 3 wise tips, selecting a work plan will have no secrets for you. Now, What is the best planer for a home workshop? Let us find out for the same now.

Choose a work plan in harmony with the decor of the kitchen

When choosing a work plan, the decorative factor plays a key role. The coating that dresses will help to assert the style of the kitchen and transform the general atmosphere. The material, the color, the finish you choose will have to match the ambiance of the room. We can consider it in the same tone as that of the facades, or play the contrast. Without forgetting to take into account the color of the ground and the walls, with which it must be harmonized. For example, white furniture and a black plane (or vice versa) will marry perfectly in a design.

But many other combinations are possible: a light wooden table with aubergine furniture, a dark worktop in granite or speckled laminate with light wood furniture or a tiled floor plan in natural tones that also runs on the credence in a traditional kitchen. It’s up to everyone to design it in relation to their tastes and the desired aesthetic result.

To add a touch of fantasy, you can also customize the songs by cutting with another shade or by working their profile. Or create effects of materials with the texture of the material (smooth or structured), as opposed to the finish of kitchen furniture. Similarly, the thickness side, all choices are allowed (from 12 to 75 mm). In a slim version, in resin or glass, combined with a flush hob, it fits with chic in ultra-contemporary kitchens.

Control the cost of the work plan

  • To control its budget, it is important to look twice before opting for a work plan, the final bill depends on several parameters.
  • First, for the same material, a custom work plan can cost twice as much as a ready-to-install worktop (pre-cut). Then, the expense varies greatly depending on the type of material. For example, the laminate worktop is far more affordable than the glass countertop. Granite or synthetic resins, too, are likely to double the cost of cooking.

Buy a resistant worktop

If its decorative role is important, the worktop must above all be sufficiently durable to withstand shocks, scratches, moisture, heat, grease, temperature variations and cleaning products. Longevity champions, extra hard, laminate or granite countertops cope with everything without damage. As for the wooden worktop, it defies the time provided it is protected by an oil or varnish. But in this case, caution is needed: the varnish does not like knife blades.

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