Four Of The Most Common Causes Of Roof Leaks


A leaking roof can be a real pain in the neck. Roofs cost a lot of money to install in your home and should last for decades if maintained correctly. Maintenance performed by a residential roofing company will look out for the signals which indicate that your property is at risk of developing a roof leak – often before it’s visible.

Unfortunately, if you skimp on the maintenance, you might already have a leak and not know it yet because it can take a while to present itself as a watermark on the ceiling. Leaks can also start anywhere in the roof, and lead down to the watermark, which means that it could cause water damage along the way. Here are four of the most common causes of leaks, so that you know how to prevent them in the future.

1. Careless People

It’s impossible to maintain your roof without walking on it, which is why it isn’t wrong to walk on it at all. Roofs are strong and should be able to endure light to moderate foot traffic. However, there are certain places on the roof where it’s best to walk without causing damage. These spots are supported by wooden beams, which can carry the extra weight of one or two roofers. The most common cause of roof damage at the hands of people is when they’re careless. Damage is caused by mishandled materials and the dropping of heavy tools or equipment, such as geysers, HVAC systems, and induction fan systems.

2. Roof Seams

The seams on your roof are the weakest point in the entire structure. Roof membranes are one of the layers in a roof’s construction. However, the roof will always be larger than each membrane, which means that the membrane needs to be installed in panels, pieces, or sections. Therefore, the parts of the membrane must overlap, and be seamed together to make one piece. If the panels aren’t attached correctly, there could be open gaps between the membrane sheets; therefore, inviting leaks.

3. Neglected Roofs

Your roof isn’t only a structure on the top of your house that keeps you warm and dry. It’s also an investment. Think about it – you invest a substantial amount of money into the construction of your roof. The more money you spend, the longer you’ll reap the benefits. When it comes to a roof, the benefits are being kept warm and dry all year round for decades to come. Unfortunately, you need to maintain it regularly. Frequent maintenance can pick up damage or an impending leak before it becomes so extensive that it gets costly. If you ignore the maintenance, your roof will fall to ruin long before its lifespan is up.

4. Severe Weather Conditions

Auckland is known for having unusual weather patterns. Some days you could experience various types of weather – from sunshine to heavy rains, strong wind, then humidity – all in one day. Although it doesn’t snow in Auckland, you can still experience water ponding, harsh winds, and UV radiation damage. The type of disrepair that causes leaks won’t happen instantaneously after every season or every storm. However, after several seasons of steady weather damage, the roof weakens and degrades, leading to leaks.


Most of these causes of roof damage can be avoided if you’re careful and attentive. When you hire a professional residential roofing company to inspect and maintain your roof, they should be aware of where to walk on your roof. With regular maintenance, your roof should last its entire lifespan – whether it’s 20 or 40 years. Once you know the causes of roof leaks, you’ll understand why they occur in the first place, and you’ll be more prepared to deal with them in the future. Protect your investment, and protect your roof against leaks.

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