Four Simple Steps to Declutter the Home


We all want that clean and picturesque room with no mess around. Every time we go to the hotel, we are attracted to those immaculate, clean, and well-arranged rooms. Many of us have tried to declutter our rooms and make them neater and cleaner at some point in time but, eventually, they return to that messy stage.

If you are tired of cleaning up your home or room, here are a few life hacks that will save you time, as well as make your room spotless and immaculate.

1) Elimination round

Sometimes we keep stacking things on one over the other and that’s how we keep hoarding unnecessary things.

This includes all those sunscreens, moisturizers, and face packs inside your bathroom that you no longer use and, they are just eating up the space. 

In our closet, we also have those unrequired clothes that we don’t use now, but they are just lying there and, are killing the space. 

Similarly, in your home we have various such things, which were very useful at one point in time but, they have become redundant now. Interior designers Bangalore

The first step of decluttering is to find out these redundant things and to discard them. You can give 10 minutes daily for this exercise and eliminate all those unnecessary things from your house.

2) Use wall space

Wall space is the best place to utilize; you can make cabinets and shelves on the wall to make extra storage. In most homes wall space just remains unused and people use cabinets and closets on the floor to store things.

Wall cabinets and shelves give extra storage and require minimum maintenance, It saves the floor space and makes the room wide and clean. 

You can store books, unused laundry, and miscellaneous items on these cabinets and shelves, it organizes the space. Most of these shelves and cabinets are available on online shopping sites and are very easy to install. So, declutter your space clean by using the wall space

3)  The 12-12-12 Rule

A simple way to declutter your home is with the 12-12-12 rule. Make a vow that whenever you’re decluttering your home, you’ll find 12 items to discard, 12 items to recycle, and 12 items to relocate to a more appropriate location. Interior designers Hyderabad 

When you use this method, you can easily recognize items based on their utility and it also saves your money. It is like hitting two birds with one stone.

4) First-time visitor

Most of the time, we get used to our surroundings and, we can’t recognize the subtle differences in our atmosphere. So, before starting cleaning your space imagine how it would appear to the first-time visitor. 

Get into the shoes of a first-time visitor and then declutter accordingly. 

Write down your impression of a first-time visitor and act accordingly. Adopting this method gives you a new perspective of your home and you notice things that were hidden from your eyes for so long. 

These are not exhaustive methods for decluttering, you can develop your own hacks while doing the task, till then happy decluttering. 

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