Get Your Home Installed with an Alarm System


Almost everyone has had their home broken into at least once – if it has not happened to you then count yourself lucky. And before it happens is the perfect time to think about getting home security or alarm system.

Many good alarm systems

There are many good alarm systems but the new state of the art system by StarBrite is being touted as one of the best. They professionally install the system and it covers your home in every area. Everything is covered including:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Hallways

All covered with wireless contact points as well as motion detectors. Everything then connects to the wireless touch screen panel that allows you to arm and disarm the system. Your panel connects right to the Brinks Monitoring Service. They offer free installation on all new packages. If you live in California you can call Orange County home security systems for further information.

Already have one

If you already have a good system you can usually activate your system and provide alarm monitoring with Brinks. StarBrite can also upgrade your old system as well as upgrade your panel to the latest that technology has to offer. All of this while still using any existing equipment.


When it is time to choose a local company for your home security needs, StarBrite Home Security is considered by many to be the best security equipment; home alarm system, and price match currently on the market. But you should research the internet before making your mind up on which one to use. This company does offer free same-day installation on all packages.

Sleep well at night

But no matter which one you install; it does give you peace of mind knowing that your home and family are all safe from harm. As everyone should know it does pay to protect. And you will sleep well at night knowing Starbrite Home Alarm has your back covered. With one of their apps, if you hear any noise whether outside or down the hall, you are able to see it directly from your phone. You are notified and in control at all times.

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