Granite Countertops – Get The Beauty And Benefits Of All Time


As a room for cooking at home, a clean and tidy kitchen is guaranteed to guarantee the health of food. Therefore, the selection of materials for kitchen furniture is very important, such as granite countertops which are known as a mainstay for those who want to bring a luxurious impression in the kitchen without forgetting the function of the kitchen table in cooking. You can contact the Norcross granite fabricator and installer if you want to use granite for your kitchen countertop.

In addition to giving a modern impression to the kitchen, there are various benefits of granite countertops that you need to consider to be presented in residential interiors. Check out the following benefits!

Very Strong Granite Countertops

The kitchen table is one area that is often used as a pedestal, starting from putting various kitchen utensils, grinding spices, to cutting various eating ingredients. You need to choose a strong material so that it can last a long time, so it is only natural that granite countertops are a mainstay for the general public.

The main key to the strength of granite countertops is the manufacturing process that uses high pressure and heat. The pores on the granite surface are smaller than marble so the surface becomes harder and more durable for a long time. Not only that, but granite is also resistant to chemicals and acids.

Granite Countertops Are Not Easy To Absorb Stains

The kitchen table cannot escape the risk of getting stains from cooking or food ingredients. The small surface pores make granite countertops not easy to absorb stains. The advantages of this granite make it very suitable as a kitchen table.

If granite countertops are stained, there is no need to leave cooking and rush to clean them. This advantage also makes the color of the granite kitchen counter last longer than other stone materials. Even though you’ve been exposed to cooking stains many times, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Granite Countertop Maintenance Is Quite Easy

There is a special cleaning fluid for granite countertops to maintain their beauty. However, dish soap can be a substitute. Mix dish soap with water, then clean the surface using a soft brush or sponge.

Do this cleaning activity at least once a day after you finish using granite countertops. In addition, as much as possible avoid the friction of sharp objects on the granite surface. If necessary, re-coat the granite surface annually with a special agent to make it look new again.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Have Affordable Prices

The appearance of granite countertops is beautiful, but what about the price? No need to worry because the price of this countertop is quite affordable. One of the contributing factors is that granite material can be found domestically.

Shipping and production costs can be reduced. Even if you use granite from South Africa or China, the shipping cost is more affordable because it can be transported by ship.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Have Beautiful Patterns

When you visit the kitchen to just take food from the refrigerator or cook, your eyes will immediately fall on the granite countertops because of their beautiful pattern. Compared to the use of marble, granite has a more diverse style.

Generally, granite kitchen countertops have a pattern of small size with varying levels of pattern density. Also available in various colors so that you can be more flexible when choosing granite countertops and can also be adapted to the existing kitchen set model. Granite can also be combined with other materials such as stainless steel or wood so that its beauty can last all time.

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