How to choose office furniture for employees


The office is the heart of the company where a large number of employees work daily, and where crucial decisions are often made. A manager who is interested in the maximum productivity of his staff knows that properly selected office furniture that meets all the requirements of ergonomics will make the workplace as comfortable as possible.

Furniture for workers

A competent leader who tries to take into account the needs of all employees will encounter many difficulties in choosing office furniture. First of all, this is due to the physiology of people who differ both in growth, and physique. There are rules that dictate requirements for posture during work.

The chair should be so high that the legs bent at the knees form an angle of 90 degrees with the floor plane. The back should have a slope of 3 to 5 degrees. This angle most accurately copies the natural curve of the back. At the same time, the height of the table should be parallel to the chair. If all these points are observed, then the load on the body will be minimal. This means that the employee will be less tired, and will be able to spend more time at work. However, to create a prestigious type of room, all objects must have the same appearance, color, and design.

Which type of Furniture you need?

The table legs can have threaded fasteners with a certain step, which can be set to a certain level without difficulty. It will help to solve, and the floor is an uneven problem. Indeed, to achieve maximum convenience, the table should in no case be loose.

Chairs with a height adjuster should have a smooth ride, and the legs, made in the form of wheels, should be equipped with special clamps to prevent unwanted movements during operation. Choosing a table, you must consider the specifics of the employee.


When the work involves the processing of a large amount of documentation, the length of the countertop should be at least 120 cm. This is enough to accommodate a computer or laptop, a set of office supplies, and stands for storing folders. Many models are already equipped with a modular system of shelve, and small niches which makes them very spacious, but compact. Multilevel systems can significantly save money that would go for the purchase of document cabinets for each employee separately.

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