How To Get The Most Out Of Your Garden Space


While some gardeners may be fortunate enough to have access to a large and sprawling outdoor area for their growing, some homeowners are more limited. While smaller gardens can feel limiting, especially to those unfamiliar with the practice, there are actually a number of ways in which even a small outdoor area can be optimised to be a rich and pleasing space.

Drawing from some of the most popular creative designs, as well as garden industry experts, we’re sharing the best ways in which homeowners can get the most out of their outdoor space.

Go Vertical

Some gardens may be limited in size horizontally but their vertical space is seldom considered. By stocking pots, installing vertical planters, and making use of trellises, gardens can significantly increase their potential for growing flowers, foods, and even hosting beautiful designs. Certain plants are also more suitable for growing upward too, such as climbing peas and beans, as well as those that rely on vines, such as squashes.

Utilise Outbuildings

While garden sheds have long held their place as an essential part of the garden, hosting tools and outdoor equipment, their value is being called into question by homeowners who are looking to optimise their outdoor space.

Now, log cabins and summer houses are becoming more popular, replacing sheds with more useful and creative designs. From home offices to dining areas, outbuildings can offer much more than storage and lead you to get even more use out of your garden.

Smallholding Features

For some, getting the most out of a garden isn’t necessarily a selfish pursuit but one of ecological priority. If a homeowner wants to ensure their garden is useful not only for themselves but for the local environment, there are a number of ways this goal can be achieved even in a small space.

Insect hotels have become increasingly popular, as have urban beehives. Hedgehog boxes and birdhouses are also compact and aesthetically pleasing assets that have a significant benefit to local wildlife.

Rethinking Usefulness

Not every resident is interested in growing their own vegetables and, as such, will not see the value in having raised planters or sprawling lawns. It is important that homeowners consider how they might best get use from their garden and then optimise their design accordingly.

Some will want to use their garden as an outdoor dining space or one for relaxation, while others will be able to use a garden for their exercise regime or hobbies.

Sustainability Pursuits

With the environment on many minds, a great way to get more use out of a garden space is to have it contribute to a home’s carbon footprint reduction. There are a number of ways that an outdoor area can be used to make a home greener, from composting systems and rainwater collection facilities to wildflower meadow patches and compact solar panels.

These passive contributions to the environment are remarkably valuable for a homeowner too, helping them to get more from their garden even when they’re not using it.

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