If You Live in The San Diego Area and Your Refrigerator Stops Who Do You Call?


Every city has an Appliance Repair & Appliance Installations shop that stands out above all the others. This is where Bonita Appliance Repair is – well-known and is recommended by almost everyone. If you have an appliance that needs work, ask anyone and they will tell you where to go to for appliance repair in San Diego. They will all agree Bonita Appliance repair is where to go.

Well-known in San Diego

Why are they so well know? For these reasons:

  • Most affordable appliance repair service;
  • Rated 5 stars for excellence by Google;
  • Technicians are factory trained and certified;
  • Work on all appliance brands;
  • Get the job done on the same day;
  • Free service appointment with a repair.

What do they repair?

This company does the following repair services:

  • Oven repair;
  • Dryer repair;
  • Cooktop repair;
  • Dishwasher repair;
  • Washer repair;
  • Microwave repair;
  • Ice Maker repair;
  • Refrigerator repair;
  • Freezer repair;
  • Commercial appliance repair;
  • Appliance installations.


The best thing is that you don’t have to wait forever for them to get to your home. This is bad when you have a freezer full of food and the repair company doesn’t come for two or three days.  This company knows your freezer is full and will come that same day.  This is truly impressive.

Come prepared

This company is also good about having their repair truck fitted with most of the parts that usually break first, so no running back to the shop to get apart.


One of the appliances that most often stop working correctly, is the refrigerator – think about this, it is the one appliance that runs continuously night and day, keeping all your food cold and healthy to eat.  When you think about how much a refrigerator works, it is remarkable that they don’t stop working more often. If your refrigerator does break down, after you call them to repair, there is an excellent article on their blog about what to do with your food while you are waiting for it to be repaired. There are also other excellent articles on their blog.

Call them

So, the next time you have an appliance stop working in your home, try giving Bonita Appliance Repair a call and then you will be another client singing their praises.

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