Things to Know Before Installation of Granite Countertops


Installing granite selection kitchen countertops is a large task. Here’s a little peek at what happens prior to it winds up in your cooking area.

  • Granite countertop transportation is difficult

Moving your granite countertop from the warehouse to your kitchen is a complicated business. Even though it is a tough rock, it can chip and break and needs to be dealt with very carefully. A wood A-frame is built to support the granite in transit.

  • Granite is reduced to fit on-site

Reducing your granite to fit around the sink must be performed in your cooking area or bathroom rather than at the producer. Reducing off-site means, you run the risk of an incorrect fit. When it is reduced on-site, you’ll obtain a custom fit.

  • Granite is cut with specialized saws

The power needed to puncture granite is considerable. It is just one of the hardest stones on the planet. That’s what makes it great for kitchen counters. Slim granite tiles can usually be reduced with a typical table or circular saw. However thicker, larger pieces need water-cooled blades to make it. Some decide to make use of diamond blades for much easier cutting.

  • Mounting a granite kitchen counter starts long prior to the countertop gets here

A problem-free countertop setup begins when the cabinets are put in. They should be mounted to be level and walls must go to a perfect 90-degree angle. The cabinets require to be prepared to hold the weight of the granite by putting in the correct plywood support in addition to the cupboards.

  • Granite kitchen counters ought to be secured prior to usage as well as resealed every year after that

Natural rock, including granite, is porous and can take in fluids. When the liquid seeps into the stone, it leaves a stain behind. Granite is likewise conscious acid as well as will etch if alcohol, citrus juice, or various other acidic substances comes in its contact.

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