Ipe Wooden Boards for High-End Decking at Low Prices


Ipe is a form of wood that beats expectations as it is highly dense, long-lasting, and unaffected by water or the sun. Even as public boardwalks, the weathered ipe decking has served the people for over 75 years with only a few boards replaced. Ipe is primarily used for outdoor decking, bridge-building projects, marinas, boardwalks, outdoor furniture, fencing, docks, etc. Hence, only hardwood with an extreme density like Ipe can withstand the pressure of the external environment and rough uses. 

The Ipe wood matures only after 30 years, so you need to ascertain the supply source. Trees that are not fully matured will not last as per expectation, and therefore you need to find a trustworthy supplier like buyipedirect.com to get the best Ipe. Ipe is grown in the rainforests of Brazil, Argentina, Central America, etc. Brazil is the largest supplier of high-quality Ipe. A matured tree will last for decades without much maintenance. 

Cost-Effective Decking Solution

Although customers are intimidated by the initial cost of Ipe, the cost is mostly a one-time investment as there is hardly any recurring expenditure. The ipe decking price is lower than other woods in the long term. The wood is naturally resistant to fungi, mold, termites, scratches, etc. It doesn’t catch fire easily and is certified with a Class a Fire Rating. 

If you buy Ipe from the above site, you can reduce your ipe decking cost as they give discounts. It is difficult to work on Ipe as it is dense and hard. Only reliable suppliers with state-of-the-art equipment can get them grooved or pre-grooved and still supply the same at the right ipe decking prices. 

Ipe comes in yellow, darker blackish, and reddish brown hues, but you often find the shades chocolaty in color ranging from mild, medium, and dark. You can choose the color you want from a reliable supplier of ipe decking near me without fear. 

Custom Milling of Ipe Woodwork

If you find an authentic importer of genuine Ipe with reasonable ipe decking prices like the above, you can get custom milling done to overcome the difficult grooving process. The most common milling for Ipe is to groove with hidden clips. Other milling customizations they offer are ripping, surfacing, re-sawing, sanding, chopping, gang ripping, etc. 

The above site offers excellent customer support, and you can get your order processed on time. However, it is noteworthy that ipe decking boards may only last for a short time if you get smaller than standard boards. Again, grooving and pre-grooving can further cut down the lifespan. If you like it grey when a decade or so passes, you may only need a little maintenance; otherwise, you may have to treat it with oil. 

Last and not least, the quality of lumber is foremost to increase the lifespan of the boards. Hence, it is better to choose a reliable supplier and not think too much about the cost of Ipe wood for your decking purpose. Other woods look great on the outside, but they also have a short life.

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