This is a no brainer that we all long to come back home and curl in our bed and get our 8 hours of sleep that we often miss due to the chaos that our life is. While we struggle to spend the bare minimum in giving our body the moments of peace and restoration that it requires, it becomes very necessary to have the best mattress in India to look forward to.

The only time that we practically spend with ourselves is the time when we are resting. Investing the right amount to make this time and experience better is very necessary.


Now previously, most of us used coir mattresses for our beds. Till a certain point, it was the only option we had. But now that the world is upgrading and the newest up-gradation to spring mattresses, it has revolutionized the way that we sleep.

1. Coir Mattress –

Although it is a very effective option as far as your wallet is considered, the coir eventually wears out due to the stress caused by our body weight. The components of this mattress are largely in accordance with the weather conditions and are very suitable for the equatorial climate. Contrary to that, it is not suggested for our health and can aggravate your back issues.

2. Spring Mattress –

When it comes to the cost part, it can be a little tightening for your budget but the fact is that nothing can compare to the comfort of sleep in a good quality spring mattress. For your health, it is extremely beneficial and contours to your body shape but it also gets heated very quickly.


There are definitely many brands that sell and boast of being the best online mattress in India or the best mattress in India for that matter but not all can live up to the expectations of the customer.

For the best spring mattress, some factors to bring to notice are:

1. Number of turns in a coil

2. Type of coil material

3. Number of coils in the mattress

4. The firmness of the coils

Generally, as a buyer, you should be aware of all this and not be tricked into buying something that doesn’t suit you and in turn causes you a new set of health issues because not only is the mattress important for a good sleep but it also connects to your health more than we can possibly imagine.

When we usually stay in hotel rooms, we often love the way the mattresses feel and they can elevate your holiday to a new level. If we can get that comfort daily, it would be the best thing that would happen to you. However, if you cannot get it right, this plan can also backfire. For example, the wrong quality spring mattress can also cause back problems.

Therefore, when you invest in something like this, it doesn’t matter what type of bed you’re sleeping in unless your mattress gives you the comfort you never thought you’d achieve.

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