Keep Your Home Dry with A Waterproof Membrane for Your Roof


You don’t need to be a roofing expert to know that making it waterproof is essential for keeping your home dry and protected, whatever the weather, but you might not know how this can be achieved.

Read on to discover more about protecting your home and everything inside it, with a waterproof membrane for your roof:

What is a waterproof membrane?

Laid over the surface of a roof, a waterproofing membrane is a continuous, thin layer of water-tight material that ensures no water seeps into the structure of a roof. Each membrane is made up of several layers of waterproof material that are typically between 2 and 4 mm in thickness, and they can be sheet-based or liquid applied.

A high-quality waterproof membrane for your roof should be very strong, resistant to tears, and be flexible enough to stretch over cracks and move with the building. It should also be UV stable, and when you seek professional help for making your roof waterproof, they will ensure that the material they use is well suited for the job.

What are sheet based waterproof membranes?

Rolled up in sheets, the most common type of waterproof membrane for your roof is unfurled, laid out, and carefully applied to the surface of the roof using a hot tar-based adhesive and blowtorches. When using this type of waterproof material, the professional roofing contractor must ensure that the joints between the sheets are sealed perfectly to avoid any leakage.

Other forms of sheet-based waterproof membranes are PVC and composite membranes. Your chosen roofing specialist will advise you as to which form of the membrane will best suit your particular roof.

What are liquid applied waterproof membranes?

Sprayed or applied with a brush onto the surface of the roof, liquid applied membranes cures in the air to form a seamless membrane, free of any joints. More of the waterproof liquid can be applied to control the thickness as required. Ideally completed in a day to prevent the joints from becoming cold, the application procedure is quick and effective. This is a technical procedure that must be carried out by professionals, and when not done so, can cause the waterproof membrane to tear or break if applied to thinly.

A waterproof membrane for your roof could be all it takes to guarantee that your home stays dry no matter how heavy or persistent the rain, and when applied professionally by a skilled roofing contractor, will help protect your home for many years to come.

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