Learn How to Clean Windows Professionally


Windows do not just provide you with the right amount of warmth and light, but they also enhance the overall look and feel of your property. When you want to clean your windows, you need to ensure that you work with professionals only. They come with the right type of equipment and deliver the best services. The problem is that many people just cannot afford to spend so much money on window cleaning. Others would think that their windows are not that dirty anyway. In this situation, you can consider cleaning your windows all by yourself. Here is how to clean windows professionally.

Use the Right Tools

You should never proceed with the task of cleaning your windows unless you are sure about the tools you need. One reason to use professional window cleaning services is that those pros know what they need for cleaning. You need to develop an understanding of what you need to do a stellar job, and you should also take your time to arrange those tools before you start with the cleaning. For instance:

  • Always ensure that you have a good squeegee rubber without which you will not be able to handle the cleaning job. Be sure to use new squeegee blades for every single task – the blades are usually quite cheap, so it does not hurt to change them more often.
  • Be sure to have a clean scrubber with you. You may also consider using lamb’s wool applicator before using any cleaner.
  • Be sure to change the scraper blades if your window cleaning job needs more than one day to complete.
  • Be sure to keep buckets of soapy water handy. You should use a new one to start every new cleaning job.
  • Be sure to have at least a couple of lint-free towels with you to dry the squeegee – you have to use it after each pull. The other towel will help you detail the corners and windowsills.

How to Clean Windows Professionally

Cleaning your windows is no rocket science and you can do a good job so long as you know how to use all available tools.  Here is how to proceed:

  • Start by holding the squeegee in the right way. Press it slightly against the window. Do not apply too much pressure at first. Just maintain a gentle force and understand that pressing too hard can leave streaks on the glass. Be gentle and it will do the job because the squeegee is usually heavy enough to apply enough pressure on to the glass.
  • In the beginning, you will be better off pulling from side to side. Ensure that the top of the squeegee moves at an angle – it will ensure that the water does not stay trapped and keeps running down the glass.
  • Be sure to dry the rubber blade once you have completed a pull – you can use the towels for this task. Not drying your rubber would leave you with too much water on the subsequent pull that increases the risk of getting rubber marks and streaks.
  • Continue moving in the same fashion and finish with a quick buff to get rid of any possible streaks.

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