Must-Have Appliances For Your New Kitchen in 2020


For kitchen remodels in 2020 the bar is high. There have never been so many styles, trends, and features available to the average homeowner. Modern design and technology team up the most seamlessly in the kitchen – and here are four of the most must-have appliances to seek out.

Smart WiFi Instant Pot

Where the refrigerator has an infinite number of layouts and feature combinations the Smart WiFi Instant Pot is alone in its field. It does everything from slow cooking to yogurt making for around $150 and is WiFi-enabled, as the name suggests. Connect it up to an Alexa or your smartphone via the app for an old favorite tuned in to the new decade. It retains its 8 in 1 cooking functions with the added convenience of being able to schedule and cook meals from anywhere in the house.


For time and energy-saving appliances, you can look no further than a smart dishwasher as an example of how far technology has come in the world of increasingly more convenient kitchens. Across the range available are features to gently wash delicate glasses, absorb moisture and automatically open the door slightly on completion to ensure a completely dry set of dishes and even sensors to detect how dirty your plates are so that only the necessary amount of water and energy are used. Most are also equipped with Anti-Flood systems, to stop the cycle in the case of a leak, and 30 minutes or less quick washes.


Every kitchen has a refrigerator that acts as the life of the room. Not all fridges are made equal, however, with only the best providing the blend of performance, style, and efficiency. For picking the right refrigerator during kitchen remodel you need to take all factors into consideration. How big your family is, how much space you have available and how much you are willing to spend on some desirable gadgets are all factors in your decision making here. Fridges can be as high-tech or as simplistic as you need them to be.


Like the other appliances on this list, the microwave is a staple of any home. Its convenient features are now even more time-saving with the advent of smart technology. WiFi connectivity, voice controls and now sensors that can detect how long your food needs to be cooked for without being told. Defrosting frozen food for your hungover friends (or significant other) has never been easier; with the GE General remote control you scan the barcode and the machine does the rest. For your tasty takeout leftovers or if you just don’t feel like preparing a full-on meal the microwave has been conveniently personified since its invention.

When attempting a kitchen remodel appliances that make your life as easy as possible should be at the forefront of your plans. For the right products make sure to do your research and ask around for recommendations. Make your kitchen a joy to be in with boundless upgrades.

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