Prettypracticalhome Has Announced Partnership with RELAX Protocol


On 23rd Feb, Prettypracticalhome Capital has announced a partnership deal with RELAX Protocol, a blockchain cross-border real estate transaction and management platform. According to the deal, RELAX will assist Prettypracticalhome’s network of real estate agencies in Australasia region.

RELAX Protocol is an open source protocol which allows real estate agency market participants to tokenise various ownership, rental, management, and agency rights via its proprietary non-fungible protocol ERC-1201. All parties will be able to freely connect to RELAX and build their own decentralized platforms like decentralized ‘Airbnb’ or decentralized ‘iProperty’. RELAX Protocol is backed by various property developers, including Crown, Meriton, SMDC, in Australia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. So far, RELAX has done over 400 property settlements and rental contract managements in Australia.

Prettypracticalhome is the leading media in real estate, home improvement and interior design. It has a network of over 1600 real estate agencies in Australasia region. With the RELAX deal, Prettypracticalhome can further expand its influence in the real estate B2B service market. For more information please click here

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