How To Know If You Have A Problem With Your Washing Machine?


You’d be surprised how many people have a problem realizing their washing machine is broken or is going to get broken really soon. If you’re in the first category, then there’s nothing left but to throw it away and go to the market to get a new one. See here when it’s time to get a new one.

If you can find yourself in the second category, then you should probably call the repairman to check it out. To be sure that something’s wrong with it, we suggest you read this article in addition. If you see some of the issues mentioned here, it means you’re ready to make that special call and see if your warranty covers the problem.

Making a strange noise

The only noise you should hear is the spinning of the drum. It may be noisy, but it is supposed to be one fine line that is normal from spinning at such high speed. If you hear anything else that’s not anything like it, you need to call the repairman. Things like scratching, bumping, and similar are not supposed to be happening.

Walking around the house

Have you ever witnessed a washer taking a walk to another room? You’re asking yourself – is it hungry, maybe? If it is experiencing shaking and moving from the place this is a serious sign that something’s wrong. The centrifugal force of the drum is making the rest of it jump up and down and to the side, making it literally move around the room.

If you see this, be sure that it’s time to call the washer doctor as soon as more serious damages will occur and not only to the machine but on the appliances around it and to the room itself. This is a heavy and robust item and if a person stands near it while she’s doing the dance, they can get seriously hurt.

Leaking from it

Clothes washer leaking is another sure sign it’s time to call someone. It means something inside is damaged and needs to be fixed. It’s probably some of the pipes coming in or out of the washer. Whatever the problem is, you need someone to fix it as you can’t do this on your own.

Sure, you can open some of the Youtube DIY videos and see how to do it by yourself, but be sure that there’s a great chance to do more damage than solve the problem. Another thing is that these machines are connected to electricity and if there’s water leakage, you shouldn’t be near the place. Turn off the water and electricity supply and call someone who knows how to handle this.

The drum isn’t spinning

So you’re starting it, everything seems normal until the moment when it is supposed to actually work, and then – nothing. Nothing’s happening. The drum is silent and isn’t moving.

The reason for this can be all sorts of stuff. From a broken motor to electricity failures, to computer breakdown. Whatever the problem is, be sure that you’re not the one that can fix it. Call the pros. Sometimes it’s better to get a new one, and sometimes a repair will do the job. See on this link what and when is better:

Clothes come out damaged

It’s a common mistake to get colored clothes because of human mistakes, but sometimes, the machine itself can be responsible for some of them. If the clothes come out colored and you’re sure that you chose the right program, then the thermostat can be broken or not calibrated right. You’ll need to change it.

Another problem can happen when there’s something stuck in the drum. Then, your clothes will come out ripped or with tiny holes in them. This is something that might be easy to solve. Just check inside the drum and see if you can find something unusual. If you do, take it out and your good to go. If not, the problem might be when the centrifugal program turns on and that’s not something you should deal with.


There are lots of other situations in which it’s obvious that your washer is broken. These are some of the most common. Whenever you face something of the mentioned above, don’t wait until tomorrow, call the repair people right away.

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