Professional Carpet Cleaning For Removing Pests Lurking in Your Carpets!


Having carpeted flooring is nothing less than a luxury. However, this comfortable and soft flooring can easily become home to several pests lurking inside your house. Pests can easily survive on the carpets if they are not cleaned regularly. Availing professional carpet cleaning Willow Grove is an effective way of removing pests lurking in your carpets.

Your carpets have food sources and moisture which is what the pests need for their survival. That is why keeping the flooring clean is important. Here is a list of different types of pests you will find in your carpets!

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Bed Bugs

When it comes to bedbugs most homeowners limit their treatment to mattresses and couches. Not a lot of worry about their carpets being infested with bed bugs. But, it is possible. Further, bed bugs have a lot to do with carefree travelling and less with your carpet’s cleanliness. 

If you have not been cautious when travelling in public transportation and staying in hotels, your luggage and clothes can easily bring bed bugs to your house and in your carpets. Slowly, the bed bugs can infest your entire house and start making your life miserable. 

Identifying bed bugs is not difficult when they are hiding in your carpets. If you feel your feet start itching when you stand on the carpeting, or notice small dark creatures roaming around the carpets and some blood stains, that is it!

Here, when you avail professional carpet cleaning Kennington and get your carpets steam cleaned the bed bugs are eliminated. Bed bugs cannot withstand extreme temperatures, and hot water extraction and steam cleaning are effective in killing these pests lurking in your carpets. 

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic in size making it difficult to spot them with naked eyes. However, dust mites are found almost everywhere. Whether it is your carpets, couches, beds or mattresses, wherever you shed dead skin cells, dust mites can be found lurking there. 

If you have pets at home chances of your carpets being infested with dust mites are pretty high. Your furry friends often keep lying on the carpets and contribute to dead skin cells and dander, which is consumed by dust mites. 

Dust mites can easily trigger allergies and make you sick. These are not difficult to spot roaming around, that is where your allergies and health indicate if your carpets have dust mites or not.

Anytime, you experience your allergies getting worse, consider availing professional services for carpet cleaning Melbourne. Deep cleaning, vacuuming and drying are effective in eliminating dust mites from your carpets.


Fleas are the most common pests found lurking in your carpets. These tiny pests may look harmless but can be dangerous for your pets. Flea when reaching adulthood requires blood for their survival. And, if you have pets at home who love lying on the carpeted flooring, then the chances of flea infestation in your carpets are high.

Fleas are not just a threat to your pets but are equally dangerous to humans. Fleas can cause plague, fever, typhus, pneumonia and even introduce tapeworms inside your system. 

Spotting flea is difficult because of its small size. However, if you have pets at home who are continuously scratching themselves it is a sign of pest infestation that needs to be taken care of immediately. 

Here, availing of professional carpet cleaning Willow Grove can help save your carpets and loved ones from flea infestation. The professionals use modern tools and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning carpets that drive fleas away. Ensure regular general cleaning of your property to keep your pets and carpets safe from fleas and other pests. 


Moths are silent pests that simply remain in hiding and destroy your belongings. These creatures can fly and are found in abundance in Australia. Moths are a threat to your carpets as they can easily make holes and damage your floorings. They can damage anything made from wool, and fur, including your clothing.

These pests can easily enter your home through a small hole, broken windows and even chimney. Moth infestation is bad news for both residential and commercial customers. While moths can cause widespread damage to fur clothes and carpets, they can also make you sick, trigger allergies and contaminate food.

Spotting adult moths is not difficult, as they have noticeable body sizes with distinct patterns on the wings. If you notice moths around your carpets, it is a sign that you need to avail professional cleaning. Get your carpets sanitized and deodorized to keep pests away. Ensure you seal all the entry points as well. 

Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are small creatures who remain hidden in your carpet fibres. These pests are infamous for being even more destructive than many cloth moths. Carpet beetles can damage your carpets made from furs, wool and feathers, making irregular holes.

Just because carpet beetles don’t bite does not mean they cannot harm you in other ways. When the hair of the beetles gets penetrated your skin it can cause red welts similar to the bed bugs. Therefore, when your feet or leg has red welts take it as a sign of beetle infestation in the carpets.

Carpet beetles are shiny and black in colour. Being small in size it is difficult to spot them with naked eyes. However, their larvae and cast-off skins can be detected on the carpets. Ensure you call professionals for carpet cleaning Kennington and get your carpets inspected and deeply cleaned.

Final Words

Carpets can be home to several pests who do not just damage the carpets but can also impact your health by triggering allergies. To keep your family and pets protected from these dangerous pests lurking in your carpets, ensure you avail of regular professional services for carpet cleaning Melbourne!

Want to keep your carpets pest-free? Contact Quick Carpet Cleaning Melbourne and get an effective carpet cleaning service that boosts the safety of your home!

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