Revamp your outdoor space with amazing gazebos


Gazebos are the most picturesque structures that you can build in your garden or patio. They add great aesthetics to your building.

What is a Gazebo?

The basic structure of a gazebo is designed in such a way to have an octagonal or hexagonal shape to its sides and a roof on top of it. The sides are usually wide open allowing it to be the perfect spot for you to hang out with your friends & family.

Why do people install gazebos in Dubai?

Gazebos are designed and installed in the outdoor space of your house or commercial building landscapes in Dubai to act as an amazing backdrop for your lawn and garden. Most landscapes have an element in them might be a gazebo or a pergola. Compared to a pergola gazebos provide more shade and that’s why people of the UAE and Dubai prefer Gazebos to be installed at their place. We all know the arid climatic conditions that prevail in UAE throughout the year and that’s why a gazebo’s shade will make your landscape even more functional when it comes to hanging out.

Many people in Dubai construct gazebos in their landscape for various reasons mainly beauty. The aesthetics that a gazebo adds to your landscape is immense. It can even boost the value of your property considerably. These structures are social status. They serve as the centre of attraction during a friend’s or family get together.

How will a gazebo in my Dubai villa transform my place?

Well, a gazebo can transform the look and feel of your place more than you could imagine. Most of the time we leave the landscape and outdoor space unused they simple are there no purpose whatsoever.

But adding a gazebo structure to that place can make that the centre of attraction, it will make you spend time in your garden.

A gazebo can be built as a standalone structure or as a structure that stays adjacent to the walls of your house, either way, design your gazebo carefully so that it makes your house look good as well as be a functional structure in your outdoor space.

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