Some of the Difference between Water Filtration and Water Treatment


If you try to look at the water quality that you get in your bathroom and kitchen, then you will realize that the water that you get is treated water that may contain chlorine too. Therefore, people often wonder, whether there is a need for any water filter or is there any difference between the treated water and what we get after filtration.

Although both these terms are used interchangeably, however, there exist a few differences between these two. Therefore, while buying any water for drinking, you must be aware of the differences between them.

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Water filtration

The water filtration process involves removing various impurities like sand and other living organisms from your drinking water for improving its taste. While considering water filtration you will get:

1. Drinking water by installing a suitable water filter while living in a rented accommodation where you can remove it when you leave the premises.

2. Portable water filtration systems will be less expensive as compared to any permanent filtering system.

3. Filtrations will only remove impurities e.g. water organisms or sediment. 

4. Filtration will not filter any chemicals or potential viruses. 

Water treatment

In the water treatment process, all the harmful impurities are removed from drinking water. They are chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other biological contaminants. Here, you can get rid of various unseen materials by treating the water chemically by using iodine or chlorine. 

1. Water treatment does not eliminate any particles and sediment. 

2. It is basically meant for removing viruses, bacteria, and all other biological contaminants present in the water.

Now depending upon what you are interested to remove from your water, you will prefer to choose either water treatment or water filter. 

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