Specific Goals for Custom Window Treatments


There are as many window treatments as types of windows. The problem often is knowing what window treatment goes with an individual window.

Custom treatments

When buying custom window treatments, there are many features to consider. These need to be broken down so that the owner has a choice of the right window treatment for space. It is important to consider what the goal is for window treatments overall. Is it only for decoration, or is some other reason the true goal of the window treatment? Or the goal might be a combination of the items, so keep in mind which comes closest to what is important for you.

Decorative value

One goal of window treatment for a specific window might be to incorporate that window into the room or space and to provide decorative value. With this treatment, you might hope to add to the entire room:

  • Texture
  • Color
  • Stylistic elements

Cut down on draft

If you live in a cold environment your goal for window treatment might be to cut down on any draft that might be coming from the windowpane. Currently, on the market, there are window treatments that provide insulation by having a thin layer of foam. A layer of thermal backing for insulation also can keep cold air in when the temperature outside is too hot for comfort during the summer months.


Some window treatment also can cut down on visibility giving your room a better sense of privacy. This could be important for a bathroom window or bedroom windows. If you want low visibility but still get the light to shine through, you can consider frosted, stained glass, or textured windowpane. You also can work with light-colored blinds that provide for some transfer of light.

The goal of window treatment is an important first decision to make.

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