The Benefits of Wooden Blinds


Wooden blinds are among the most popular type bought on the market today. Wood blinds tend to be more expensive than plastic blinds and generally cost more than curtains or drapes. But the benefits and exquisite style often outweigh the cost, as many an interior designer or housemaker will tell you.

Wooden blinds offer more control over the amount of light allowed in or shut out. There is durability and they are very low maintenance, provided these blinds are not installed in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, where moisture regularly forms. Faux wood blinds are better for these living areas and utility rooms.

The Dynamic of Blocking Out the Light

Wooden blinds really do have the dynamic to shut out unwanted light from a room. A study, where maximum concentration is key, or a bedroom, where the occupant needs to sleep through daylight hours, all demand wooden blinds to effectively block out a light when needed.

When the slats face one another horizontally, there is sufficient light allowed to enter a room. When the slats are angled down, sunlight is blocked out completely, allowing for a night shift worker or an afternoon siesta nap to take place without any luminous disturbance.

Wooden Venetian blinds tend to have the best control of the lot; this is down to the fact that other blinds often have to be raised completely to get any decent amounts of sunlight in. When this happens, the element of privacy is compromised and the outside world can look straight into the room.

Stylish and Full of Integrity

Wooden blinds are classy and elegant. Plastic blinds have a tendency to cheapen a home. Indeed, plastic blinds are more often seen in temporary workplaces, youth centers, community dining halls and some drop-in centers. A home should consider rising above this and installing a wooden blind or a faux wood option for a bathroom or kitchen.

Are These Wooden Blinds Easy to Clean?

The short answer is yes. But, be warned, these blinds do gather dust very easily. However, the ease at which they can be cleaned and maintained makes this style of window décor a go-to solution for the home.

The slats need to be wiped with a damp cloth and dried afterward to prevent moisture damage. The cleaning process is far easier than trying to clean plastic slats, which will bend and kink at the slightest touch.

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