The latest designs for new doors in 2019


Trendy house designs are one of the most recent trends that have been adopted by almost everyone who wants to have a house or those investing in new homes. The modern designs make the house to be unique in their own way thus outstanding from the rest depending on the owner’s choice of design. Taking into consideration house designs includes choosing both best interior and best exterior house structuring of the premises. One of the best recent good-looking interior house patterns includes the putting in place of unique door designs to improve the outlook. Doors are meant to allow for entry and exit but if designed well can also make the house look better.

Stencil pattern

This is one of the modern adopted designs that can be fit both for the big or small house and still it will look pretty cool. The stencil pattern is a type of Front Hall way door design but it is unique due to its specificity featuring the stenciled wood carving patterns. The carvings are well modeled and are part of the wooden door. The carvings can be made t suit your preference ranging from the famous and mostly acquired Indian wood carvings. The ideas are not limited hence you can even change the type of the carvings you might be interested in by styling them using other materials such as the wooden hall door, glass hall door or even metallic.

Wood and glass hall door design

If your house has the best interior designs, then this is the best design to flaunt the interior designs. The glass fixed on the wooden door makes it possible to view the inside hence the makes the houses look thrilling even from outside. This also enables more entry of light into the house making the house look brighter and opened up. Even when seated inside the house, the house resident can enjoy the surrounding view which is another way of bringing the exterior indoors without being on the outside literally. Although some individuals might be concerned about their privacy hence, they are not limited to the transparent glasses only. You can use black glass and include the wood for paneling.

Corridor door design

This design can work out for a specific location or structure of the house or any other building. This involves placing sliding patio doors door on the hallway that consists of doors on both sides. This is majorly used in office house buildings as they may consist of doors placed along the hallway on the opposite sides. The design of the door can be made from transparent glass, but it is also not limited to the type of edging. The edging can be out of wooden material, plastic or even metal frame, it depends on what suits the resident best and how fit is the edging in relation to the design of the house. It might look simple but very beautiful especially when you are walking along the hallway or across. Even with translucent glass, the design will look up to standard.

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