The most Fascinating Penthouses around the World


Nowadays we see a trend of people owning luxury apartments, penthouses, etc because the number of billionaires is on the rise. According to research, newspapers, and magazines, the developers have confirmed that they are trying their best to snatch the billionaire’s attention with heart captivating penthouses with the most fascinating facilities and they are indeed being successful.

They have confirmed that when these people are looking for penthouses, they are more into looking for facilities that are extremely convenient to them. Starting from their lifestyle to welfare, transport, food, locality, view, nearby stations, etc. they want the best to be available for them. Interestingly, the builders have been developed such destinations for their customers which in turn is giving them huge earned profits.

The most expensive penthouse in the world is in London named One Hyde Park and that is worth $227 million. It is a signature landmark of the world and was created by the Candy Brothers. The interiors are luxuriously designed and can snatch away anyone’s heart at the first look. The next in line comes to 432 Park Avenue in New York and then One57 in the same place. These two are also infused with the best of facilities including obviously a great space to move about and an amazing view of the ever so famous, New York City.

The other places that hold some famous penthouses are Monaco, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Miami.

The Odeon Tower that is a double skyscraper is an important landmark plus penthouse in Monaco. It was built in the 1980s and has been the first and the last building of such category due to safety factors since now it is the second tallest building in Europe’s Mediterranean Coastline. The worth of the Odeon Tower is 387 million.

The penthouses around the beaches in Monaco are also great attractions for millions of hearts around the world.

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