The Unique Feeling and Design of Daikin Air Conditioning 


‘Acclaim Air Conditioning’ has been managing most brands of units in this area for well over 17 years. They are one of the chief air conditioning companies and Gold Coast services and maintains all brand name of AC mainly the ‘Split and Ducted’ units that are available.

Daikin Air Conditioning

But, Gold Coast has found one brand of AC unit that beats all others and offers real value for the money. This brand is Daikin Air Conditioning from Gold Coast! It was their customers who let them know about this brand. Most love their air conditioners, not only due to the higher quality and dependability, but also for their comfort and energy efficiency year-around, and Gold Coast agrees.

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 Many unit types

Inconspicuous models that are wall-mounted, compact floor supports and useful and ceiling units are all a part of the Daikin models. Systems that are split ceiling and floor are available in Cooling and Heating or Cooling only models; plus, clients can pick from hybrid or inverter split models system.

Flexi Units

The ingenious plan of these models permits them to be attached to the ceiling, go on the wall at floor level or contributing flexibility as well as diversity to Daikin’s range of AC units.


To be certain you get the correct information about the split system that is perfect for your house, speak to Acclaim to guarantee a qualified installation, backed up by Daikin’s 5-year warranty.

Wall Mounted

Daikin’s split system, wall mounted AC is an excellent choice for anyone waiting for neat unit mixing inconspicuously with its surroundings. That advanced technology makes this Daikin unit indoor so compacted that also makes it powerful, but quiet and saving on energy costs.

The attractive design of these units has an appeal that is efficient. The surface is smooth on the flat panel models and can be merely wiped clean and the flat panel is easy to remove for more cleaning that is thorough when needed.

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