These are ways you need to Take Good Care of the Roof on your House


Make Sure your Gutters Clean

Take good care of your Roof can be conveniently timed to coincide with when you are cleaning your gutters. When for whatever reason your gutters are not cleaned, water can work its way into your roofing, rotting the good materials. To prevent damage that can run you thousands of dollars, schedule gutter cleaning every time in the year when it’s not too Cold.

Get rid of Leaves & Moss

in case you would have tall trees close to your roof, leaves could accumulate on top. These leaves trap in moisture, leading to decomposition or, in the worst case scenario, weed growth. Using a roof leaf rake or garden hose are a couple of ways you can remove the leaves, but Please don’t do pressure washing. Depending on how old the moss is, you may either be able to sweep it off or wash it off with soap.

Visually Inspect Regularly

Please make s schedule to always take the time to occasionally walk around your house and visually inspect your roof, especially after high winds or a storm or even heavy rain. You will be checking for missing or damaged shingles, general signs of wear and tear and for whether your flashing is solid. Looking out for rodent and pest damage should also be a regular part of your visual inspection, that will help you to exactly what to do for your roof and if you need to call a Roofing company,  so you can do it on time before everything goes replacing the whole Roof.

Make Sure Branches are Trimmed

When you have Overgrown tree branches, that can cause damage to your shingles and can lead to broken limbs landing on your roof. those Overgrown branches also are an invitation for squirrels and other rodents to access your roof, opening it up to gnawing damage. A good thing to do is to keep a 10-foot clearing between your branches and roof at all cost. When it comes to keeping your branches trimmed, it’s best to go with a pro, what we mean is to call a Roofing company, and always keep those distance between your Roofs and your long tree branches because it can be a matter of Life or death.

Avoid Ice Dam

Sometimes, snowstorms occur, in those, you will need to use a roof rake to keep snow off of your rooftop. However, don’t try to pry office that has already formed, Let it melt. Keeping your attic adequately insulated and free of air leaks also is crucial when preventing ice dams. Please, Checking out your attic for streaks or stains can help you detect the first signs of leakage, as well as around chimney and air vents. as we said it already, in those cases you need to go with a pro, because he will help you better than any other person because that his Job.

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