What is NEM?


NEM is net energy metering and it’s the idea of incentivizing solar energy generation. Net energy metering is a system that allows your utility company to keep a record of the solar power that your system generates. NEM will allow you to transfer the excess solar power that your system produces over into the grid. The credits that you will receive will be based on the total number of kilowatt-hours that you were able to transfer back to the grid.

Choosing NEM

Choosing NEM will ensure that you never have to compromise with the surplus energy in a time of shortage. A solar panel makes sure that the energy that your system is producing will be converted into usable and sustainable energy across the grid. The back-and-forth costs will also ensure that you can benefit your neighbors and potentially even receive credits or a check from your local energy company.

NEM ensures that you can keep up with the rising cost of energy. Because you are producing most of your own energy, it’s unlikely that you will have to pay an electricity bill with a moderate-sized solar installation. The credits that you receive from your local electricity company will also ensure that you can cut down on the costs and time that it takes for you to pay off your solar installation.

There is plenty of incentive in using a self-sufficient net metering solution. This is highly beneficial for the environment and it could save you thousands of dollars on the payback costs for your solar system.

If you would like to learn more about net energy metering and if this is available for your solar installation, contact our team today. We can ensure that you can get a proper net metering system in place to monitor your solar installation and help you improve the energy systems in your local area.

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