What Makes the nordic chandelier So Important for the Room


If you want to add some sparkle to your lighting, a chandelier is a way to go. It makes a unique style statement while also serving to delineate and complete your space. Chandeliers made of crystal are an elegant and beautiful addition to any room. You’re obsessed with chandeliers but are at a loss when it comes to choosing the perfect one for your home. Browse through our extensive fashion guide if you’re looking for advice in this area.

Extensive variety of chandelier styles

If you desire a certain mood in a room, the chandelier you choose should reflect it. Chandeliers are not cheap, but they are an investment that should endure for many years. Look for something that goes well with the style of your furnishings and says something about who you are.

A cluster of Lit Glass Spheres

This stunning assemblage of illuminated glass spheres is the perfect choice for a modern home’s decor because of its minimalistic but chic aesthetic.

Crystal-adorned light fixtures

This crystal chandelier’s classic style is a safe choice if that’s the vibe you’re aiming for.

Glittering crystal light fixture

This wonderful vertical object would look fantastic in a setting with double the height, like the stairway’s central shaft.

Over the Stairs and this lighting grid with its assortment of lights is perfect if you’re going for a cutting-edge, modern aesthetic in your home’s decor.

Factors to Think About When Installing a Chandelier

The nordic chandelier fixtures like chandeliers are sure to grab your attention. Choosing an item that is too large for the room might make it seem chaotic, while selecting an item that is too little can cause it to be overlooked. Think about it this way, and then make a choice.

Diameter of Chandelier

As a general rule of thumb, you may estimate the diameter you need by measuring the length and width of your room in feet, translating that amount to inches, and using that number as the beginning point for your search. Your room’s optimal chandelier size is 25 inches if its dimensions are 11 by 14 feet.

Chandelier’s Ideal Height A higher chandelier hangs a larger circle of light on the floor. And to the degree that it is decreased, the corresponding pool of light that is cast will get more concentrated and bright. Many modern apartments have ceilings that are just 9 or 10 feet high; if you choose for a fake ceiling, that height will be considerably lower. Only if your ceilings are at least 11 or 12 feet high should you think about getting a large chandelier. Because of the low ceiling, a compact, horizontally oriented design is required.


The height of the ceiling and any objects that will be put below the chandelier are also significant factors to think about when deciding how high to hang it. It’s possible to bang your head on the lighting if it’s hung too low, even if there’s nothing there to bump against. The best height, however, is between six and seven feet above the floor if it is placed immediately over the center table in the living room or the dining table.If you find a piece of furniture you really must have but it doesn’t work with your current layout due to size or storage constraints, you should keep looking.

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