What Things to Know Before Choosing the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Equipment?


For the companies that are into carpet cleaning, their main asset is the equipment. Such companies always try to invest in some of the best pieces of carpet cleaning equipment that would not only minimize the effort and time but also ensure 100{6005fe00238ed0ec29dcf4f9ca8b03a9042cdf9ccd9cfcf46fbf772e3d1d5bdd} customer satisfaction with flawless cleaning services. With the availability of a wide range of products from different manufacturers, making the right selection has become a tedious task.

However, the investment in commercial carpet cleaning equipment can be a worthy one if certain aspects are taken care of. Irrespective of whether you are a new venture or an old player in the industry, the following are a few things that you should know before purchasing carpet cleaning equipment –

1. Your Services on Cards

One of the most prominent factors that determine the purchase is the type of services, you, as a company is going to offer or are offering. Based on that the variant and the model differ.

For example, if you are into only dry cleaning of carpet, your equipment should be based on that. On the other hand, wet carpet cleaning makes use of a different setup.

In addition to this, being a professional carpet cleaner, you need to be thorough about the type of carpets you are going to address. Not all commercial carpet cleaning equipment supports every carpet. Hence, you need to be particular on this ground.

2. Ease of Manoeuvring

Since you, as a carpet cleaning service provider, are going to cater to all the commercial places, therefore, another thing that needs attention is ease of manoeuvring the equipment. You cannot afford to lose energy and efficiency in moving the equipment from one place to another. Since commercial places that you would be addressing are spread over a large area, therefore it is necessary to ensure that the equipment is easily handled and should not be a barrier in the cleaning process.

3. Recurring Expense and Maintenance

The commercial carpet cleaning equipment you would be purchasing would have to perform continuously. There can be a time when you would have to address more than five commercial places in a day on an urgent basis. Therefore, as a buyer, you would have to take care of how well the equipment performs under a stressed condition. Also, ascertain that the machine has the least recurring and maintenance cost because you cannot afford to spend on repairing at the cost of services.

4. Your Budget

The marketplace is studded with a wide range of carpet cleaning equipment. Each of them is different in its way. Some have a different power rating while others can have a different purpose to solve. These variations add to the price difference as well. Therefore, it is recommended to be very particular about the budget you have allocated for the purchase of commercial carpet cleaning equipment. If required, you can ask for a free quotation for the product from the sellers. This would be of great help during the purchase.

5. Space Consumption

Since the field of service demands you to visit different places and cater to carpet cleaning, therefore, you need to take care of mobility as well. The equipment you are going to purchase should not only offer ease to manoeuvre but also should ascertain it consumes the least space in the vehicle it is being put in. Reason being while on service there would be other accessories as well that support the cleaning process.

The above-mentioned key elements would help in selecting the best carpet cleaning equipment. The choice of carpet cleaning equipment is going to set the track for the future course of your business.

Things to Remember while Purchasing a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Apart from all these, as a service provider, you need to be very much particular regarding the type of service provider the service seekers are looking for. Merely investing in commercial carpet cleaning equipment is not going to work. Therefore, you need to put yourself in the service seeker’s shoes. Few things to remember while purchasing a commercial carpet cleaner are as follows (from the service seeker’s perspective)—

  • The value-added services include other services that a company offers as an add-on to carpet cleaning
  • The level of professionalism and years of experience
  • Carpet cleaning methods and the carpet cleaning chemical being used
  • Post cleaning customer care services

The selection of carpet cleaner includes the assessment of the above-mentioned criteria.


As a service provider, it is necessary to ensure that the business has a 360⁰ view of how services are being provided and perceived. While having the best commercial carpet cleaning equipment on board can be considered as a crucial factor, there are other elements as well that define how well services are being offered. Therefore, a service provider must have a holistic approach to all its services.

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