Why are wooden roofs still used?

Why are wooden roofs still used

Nowadays, when we have access to a really large number of synthetic roofing materials that imitate natural wood, one may wonder why wooden roofs are still relatively popular. Advances in technology have meant that synthetic materials are increasingly chosen for their durability and ease of installation, which has contributed to the not inconsiderable decline in popularity of natural cedar roofs. However, despite the market being full of attractive substitutes, timber still remains a relatively popular roofing material. However, why is this the case? We will try to provide an answer to this question in today’s article.

What’s wrong with natural cedar roofs?

In recent years, more and more consumers have decided to replace or renovate their roofs, abandoning natural cedar roofs in favour of their synthetic counterparts. This decision, in essence, is due to several important disadvantages that roofs made of natural cedar wood have, which are not found in synthetic materials.

In the first instance, it is worth noting that natural wood is not exceptionally durable and is really easily damaged in harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, its price is considerably higher than synthetic substitutes, which is a decisive issue for most consumers. In addition, natural cedar roofs are also not very practical to use – their installation is not all that easy, they age quickly, signs of wear and tear are easy to spot on them and they require frequent and careful maintenance. All the factors we have mentioned are leading more and more people to choose more practical and economical solutions for their roof, which is why natural cedar wood is no longer as popular as it once was.

Does anyone still choose natural roofs?

The answer to the question is really trivial – of course it is! Despite a really wide choice of modern alternatives with better properties, natural cedar wood is still relatively popular, although mainly among specific, demanding consumers who appreciate original aesthetics.

This is not surprising, however, as this material has its own specific advantages that no other has. There are a lot of unique pros of cedar roofs, first and foremost, it offers a magnificent, natural look that adds a special charm to a home. In addition, while cedar wood may not be the most durable material, it is relatively easy to repair – damaged shakes can be easily replaced if necessary. However, it has to be said that natural cedar wood is definitely not an economical solution, which is why it is often chosen mainly for its aesthetics, which compensate for its high price.


All in all, natural cedar wood continues, without dramatic change, to be a really common roofing material of choice, even despite the growing popularity of its synthetic substitutes.

It is a timeless material that, despite the passage of years, still remains an often chosen solution. The unique characteristics and advantages of natural cedar make many people opt for this material despite the fact that there are great alternatives available on the market with often better properties. Therefore, regardless of technological advances in the roofing material market, natural cedar wood still remains one of the favourite choices for those who appreciate its natural charm and unique appearance.

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