Why Do We Need LED Linear Lighting and How to Choose It


Nowadays, LED linear lighting can be seen everywhere in our daily life, from home interior to emporiums. This innovative luminaire is gaining popularity these days and has excellent potential in the future for optimization in appearance and performance. In fact, LED linear lighting is gradually influencing our life. Making full use of it can play a significant role in improving the efficiency of our working life and daily life.

Why can LED linear light help enhance efficiency?

First of all, an integrated LED linear is ergonomic, providing a suitable and comfortable environment for our life. It enables us to focus on our work, thereby enhancing the efficiency.

Secondly, compared with traditional luminaires, LED linear light is powered by the DC system, so there are no stroboscopic problems. It helps us see things more clearly, which is undoubtedly one of the most critical factors to increase efficiency.

Furthermore, the influence of the color temperature of LED linear lighting on psychology cannot be ignored. For example, a cheap store might use 4K lighting to encourage customers to buy products quickly, while another store might use 3K lighting to provide a more pleasant experience for the consumers. Choosing suitable LED lights for your own purpose can achieve efficiency.

How to select the most suitable LED linear?

Some people say that LED lights contain Blu-ray, which is harmful to eyes and can cause retinal diseases. However, the Blu-ray components of regular products are controlled in a safe range, so we must choose reliable and regular brands when making a purchase. If you want high quality LED linear lights for a better experience and increased efficiency, you should be aware of some key factors.

  • The body

The body not only plays a decorative role in appearance but also acts as a protective cover for LED linear lights. The bodies made of different materials provide varying degrees of protection. For example, the Integrated LED Linear of Obals features an aluminum cover with excellent heat dissipation and corrosion resistance,which could protect it from breaking down and ensure its stable operation to a large extent.

  • The chips

The chip is like ‘the brain’ of LED linear light, so having a high-efficiency chip is equivalent to having a better luminaire. For instance, Obals’ Integrated LED Linear uses high-efficiency chips and PMMA diffuser, which can emit more light while consuming less energy.

  • Lifespan

The service life of thermostat is a key factor in measuring the quality of products. If the lifespan is short, it would need to be reinstalled frequently, thus lowering efficiency. However, it won’t happen with an Obals’ Integrated LED Linear for the reason that it can run for an average of 30,000 hours, which is longer than many other products on the market.

  • UGR

The UGR rating helps determine the likelihood that a luminaire will cause discomfort to those people around it. For example,  some LED panels can cause discomfort in the workplace. This classification ranges from 5 to 40, with lower numbers indicating lower glare. A case in point is Obals’ integrated LED linear with a UGR of less than10, which has black highlight grille to avoid dazzle.

  • CRI

A sufficiently high CRI is one of the most basic components of LED linear lights. The higher the CRI, the higher the efficiency of the light. Therefore, more LED lights can be saved to achieve the same lighting effect. For example, the integrated LED linear of Obals has a high CRI of more than Ra80, ensuring enough luminance. Besides, there are three modes of light output, namely flooding, gridding, flooding plus gridding so that you can choose according to your needs at any time.

  • Installation method

The way to install depends on the light and installation environment. Surface-mounted LED lights are directly installed on the top of the room. The suspended-mounted one is installed on the top of the room by a wire rope or chain, characterized by the fact that all sides of the lamps can be seen. The Obals’ integrated LED linear, is both surface and suspended mountable, making it suitable for a wide range of environments.

After reading these tips, have you made up your mind to give it a try on LED linear light? Only when you choose the right luminaire can you achieve your goal of enhancing efficiency and achieve more goals in modern life.

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